The Best GoPro Pole, GoPro Monopod & GoPro Selfie Stick

GoPro action cameras and other sports cams are made for mounting so it’s no surprise that people are looking for the best GoPro pole, GoPro monopod or GoPro selfie stick.

Best GoPro Pole, GoPro Monopod and GoPro Selfie Stick

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount)

The GoPro 3-Way Grip/Arm/Tripod is the official GoPro pole and in our opinion it’s still one of the best GoPro poles out there. Instead of telescoping like many other GoPro selfie sticks do, the GoPro 3-Way actually unfolds to reach up to 20 inches (almost two feet) long, from an original compact size of just 7.5 inches. The GoPro 3-way pole, as the name suggests, does triple duty by serving as either a short grip (at its smallest form), a pole (when expanded) or a mini tripod (when you attach the included 3 pronged mount base), which allows you to set the GoPro down on some sort of surface. This official GoPro accessory is quite lightweight, just 8.8 ounces, and is compatible with all GoPro action cameras (as well as other action cameras that use the same GoPro mount).

GoPole GPE-10 EVO 14-24″ Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras (Transparent)

The GoPole is a well reviewed collapsible GoPro Pole that floats. It has a minimum length of about 14 inches and expands up to 24 inches (or two feet). There is also a big brother version that telescopes up to over 3 feet in length (over a meter) which also floats. One feature that makes these one of the best floating GoPro Poles is that they’re quite lightweight; weighing about a half pound (8 oz). They also include wrist straps and a wifi remote mounting clip if you happen to use that accessory. This GoPro pole also can screw into a tripod if you have one, using a 1/4 inch threaded insert at its base. Includes all you need to mount any GoPro model from the tiny Session all the way up to the GoPro Hero 5 Black.

Professional 10-In-1 GoPro Monopod

This multi-purpose GoPro selfie stick extends from a minimum length of 15 inches to a max length of 47 inches (nearly 4 feet)! Besides its extreme length versatility, the other thing that sets this GoPro pole apart from the rest is its versatility; it also includes accessories to attach cell phones in a cradle and even compact digital cameras or small camcorders using a standard screw mount. It’s also waterproof and weatherproof, and features a comfortable rubber grip and a hand strap to prevent it from getting dropped. Comes with a nylon carry bag. One additional neat feature of this GoPro pole is that it has a tiny oval shaped mirror attached to the GoPro mounting base, facing back at you. This allows you to roughly see whether or not you’ll be in frame as you hold the GoPro in selfie mode. This is a unique feature that most other action camera selfie sticks don’t have, and something to consider when choosing one.

Smatree Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand for GoPro

The Smatree GoPro monopod is a hefty, durable aluminum entrant into the GoPro pole category. It extends from a minimum of about 1 foot long to almost 3 feet. It comes with tripod feet so the pole itself can stand on the ground by itself on a flat surface to video take or take a photo. It also comes with accessories to mount not just a GoPro but also a smartphone in the included cradle as well as other compact cameras like small 360 degree cameras that mount with a standard 1/4th inch screw mount. You can even use the tripod feet on their own, connecting your GoPro or other action camera directly to the feet so you can set it down on the ground for a low angle shot. Comes with a wrist strap and a comfortable handgrip.

Frequently asked questions about GoPro Poles, Monopods & Selfie Sticks

What is the longest GoPro selfie stick available?

The Professional 10-in-1 GoPro Monopod in this article is probably one of the longest GoPro selfie sticks available on the market today. Anything much longer than the nearly 4 foot length that that pole offers is going to be quite unwieldy to use, not to mention heavy with a GoPro extended out that far.

Is having a GoPro pole that floats really that important?

Several of the GoPro selfie sticks listed in this article float but unless you’re specifically using your GoPro in our around water it may not be that important of a feature. If you are planning to use your GoPro with a selfie stick in deep water however we’d recommend testing out how well it floats with the camera attached in a bathtub beforehand. If it doesn’t quite float with the added weight of a camera, you may wish to add additional floating accessory such as the GoPro Floaty backdoor or FloatPro Floating wrist strap to help with buoyancy. And as always, we suggest keeping your GoPro selfie stick’s wrist strap securely attached to yourself while shooting, just in case.

What is the best selfie stick length?

This is ultimately a subjective question and it depends on how you’re planning on using it. Do you want to capture a full body selfie, or are you content with just a head and shoulders shot? Generally speaking, the wider the view you want to be able to capture, the longer the selfie stick will need to be extended to. Of course there are trade-offs: super long camera poles tend to be heavier, and the further out your camera is extended the heavier it can feel too. Not to mention be unwieldy. For most people we recommend using a selfie stick that is two to three feet long.

The Best Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro Batteries

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro Batteries

The average battery life of a GoPro camera ranges between about an hour to a couple of hours, depending on which model GoPro camera you’re using and which mode it’s shooting in. For instance, a top of the line GoPro will record for only about an hour, give or take, when recording at the very high quality 4K 30 frames per second mode. But an older GoPro Hero 4 will shoot at a lower quality 720p for up to 3 hours. That’s quite a difference and quite a range.

Luckily, nearly every GoPro model available today has a replaceable battery, so if you find yourself running out of battery life with more things to record, all you need to do is pick up some extra GoPro batteries! (Note: the GoPro 5 Session does not have a replaceable battery but we have a solution for that as well, see below.) We’ve sorted these extra batteries by which type of GoPro they work with.

Best Extra Battery Kit for GoPro Hero 5, GoPro Hero 6 or GoPro Hero 7 Black:

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesWasabi Power Brand GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Black Battery & Charger Kit

Wasabi Power is a third party brand that makes GoPro accessories such as extra (cheaper price) batteries. We’ve tested Wasabi brand GoPro batteries and they work quite well, holding a charge just about as long as GoPro original brand batteries in our experience. In this kit they offer two extra batteries for the GoPro Hero 5 Black, GoPro Hero 6 or GoPro Hero 7 models as well as a battery charger that can charge multiple batteries at once. Once nice feature of this battery charger is that it has a small LED light for each battery to let you know its charging status. This kit also comes with a USB cable, but it doesn’t have a charging brick that plugs into the wall, so you’ll need to connect it to either a laptop with a USB port, or a cell phone charging brick or the GoPro brand GoPro SuperCharger.

Extra Battery for GoPro Hero 5 Black:

If you have a GoPro Hero 5 Black, we recommend purchasing multiple additional batteries.

Because the batteries are so small, they don’t hold much power and because the GoPro Hero 5 Black is capable of recording in such high quality modes (which are quite power hungry) this makes for a quick-draining combination. Here are some extra batteries for the GoPro Hero 5 Black:

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesOfficial GoPro Brand Hero 5 Black Battery

This is the official first party GoPro brand GoPro Hero 5 battery. It’s identical to the replaceable battery that came with your GoPro Hero 5 Black and it will work for about an hour and a half maximum, depending on what recording mode you’re using (so you may want to get multiple of these extra GoPro batteries).

It’s important to be aware that the GoPro Hero 5 Black battery is not backwards compatible with earlier models of GoPro, such as the GoPro Hero 4 or GoPro Hero Session models because it’s a slightly different shape and size. Because the shape and size of the GoPro Hero 5 is different from its predecessors, it required a redesigned battery.

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesOfficial GoPro Brand Hero 5 Battery & Dual Charger

If you have more than one GoPro battery to charge, it’s quite handy to have an external dual battery charger like this one, provided by the official GoPro company. This kit includes both an extra GoPro Hero 5 Black battery as well as a dual charger which plugs into a USB outlet on a computer, USB power brick for an iPhone/iPad/other cell phone, or a GoPro SuperCharger (which is the fastest way to charge it, when plugged into the USB C port).

Be aware that this GoPro battery charger works with GoPro Hero 5 Black batteries only. If you have an earlier model of GoPro and want a dual charger, keep scrolling down this article to find the right one for your model of action camera (because the batteries are a different physical size).

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesWasabi Power Brand GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Black Battery & Charger Kit

Wasabi Power is a third party brand that makes GoPro accessories such as extra (cheaper price) batteries. We’ve tested Wasabi brand GoPro batteries and they work quite well, holding a charge just about as long as GoPro original brand batteries in our experience. In this kit, they offer two extra batteries for the GoPro Hero 5 Black as well as a battery charger that can charge up to 4 batteries at once. One nice feature of this battery charger is that it has a small LED light for each battery to let you know its charging status. This kit also comes with a USB cable, but it doesn’t have a charging brick that plugs into the wall, so you’ll need to connect it to either a laptop with a USB port, a cell phone charging brick, or the GoPro brand GoPro SuperCharger. (Also available in a 4 battery kit for GoPro Hero 5 Black, with no charger included.)

Extra Battery for GoPro Hero 5 Session & GoPro Hero 4 Session:

The GoPro Hero Session does not have a replaceable battery. Depending on what mode you’re shooting with using the Session, chances are you might be frequently let down by the short the battery life of this tiny cube-shaped action camera is. But we’ve got a trick up our sleeves.

Just because you can’t replace the Hero Session’s battery doesn’t mean that you’re totally out of luck. Here are our picks for extending your GoPro Hero Session’s battery life:

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesGoPro Portable Power Pack

Meet the GoPro Portable Power Pack. GoPro makes this charging unit which allows you to hook up your GoPro Session via a USB cord and either recharge your session, or power it while shooting, giving your Session a battery life boost. The portable power pack comes with two USB charging ports which means you can charge two devices at a time (like two GoPros, or a GoPro and a cell phone). It will fully charge the average GoPro about four times over, which gives your recording time a big boost (this translates to 6000mAh or milliamp hours for all you battery nerds out there). You can also just use this power pack to power your GoPro as you film from it– the only downside of doing this is you need to have a place to put the GoPro Portable Power Pack and cable to go. Will charge anything that works with a USB power source.

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesAnker PowerCore 20100 – Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

If you want even more charging power or shooting time than the GoPro Power Bank provides, consider this super-sized portable power bank from third party manufacturer Anker. The Anker PowerCore 20100 provides 20000mAh of juice (about three times as much as the GoPro Power Bank). It features two USB ports and can power your GoPro Session while it shoots, or recharge another GoPro or cell phone or any other device that charges via a USB port (like a tablet). It weighs about as much as a soup can and comes with a travel pouch. Recharges via USB (via a computer with a USB port or power brick for a cell phone).

Extra Battery for GoPro Hero 4 Black or GoPro Hero 4 Silver:

If you have a GoPro Hero 4, we recommend purchasing at least one additional battery.

The GoPro Hero 4 is a little bit older now and as a result their batteries may not hold a charge as long as they did when they were new. So we recommend getting an extra GoPro battery, and an external GoPro battery charger that you can plug into the wall while you’re shooting. Here are our picks for the best GoPro Hero 4 additional batteries:

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesAdditional GoPro Hero 4 Black/Silver Battery Pack

This item is the normal GoPro battery pack for GoPro Hero Black or GoPro Hero 4 Silver cameras– the same one that came with your action camera to begin with. It does not come with a charging brick or anything else– you’ll need to put it inside your GoPro camera and hook that up to the wall in order to charge it (unless you already have an external GoPro battery charger). This is the original first party official GoPro spare or replacement battery for the Hero 4 (Black or Silver edition; it will not fit in a GoPro Session which does not have a replaceable battery).

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesWasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Dual Charger for GoPro Hero 4

If you have a GoPro Hero 4 and you want to buy multiple, extra or replacement batteries, this might be the perfect kit for you. It includes two Wasabi brand GoPro Hero 4 Black/GoPro Hero 4 Silver batteries as well as a dual charging station which plugs into any USB power brick (like the one for your cell phone) or a laptop with a USB port (or the GoPro Supercharger wall outlet). The dual charger can charge two GoPro batteries at once, and provides colored LED status lights to let you know when a power pack is charging or is fully charged.

Extra Battery for GoPro Hero 3 or GoPro Hero 3 +:

If you have a GoPro Hero 3, we recommend purchasing at least one additional battery.

The GoPro Hero 3 is a little bit older now and as a result their batteries may not hold a charge as long as they did when they were new. So we recommend getting an extra GoPro battery, and an external GoPro battery charger that you can plug into the wall while you’re shooting. Here are our picks for the best replacement battery for GoPro Hero 3:

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesGoPro Rechargeable Battery 2.0 (HERO3/HERO3+ only)

This is the official first party GoPro Hero 3 battery made by the GoPro company. It is compatible with both GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+ cameras but no other cameras since the battery size and shape has changed since this camera came out. Note that for the same price you can get a third party battery pack with two batteries instead of one (below).

Replacement GoPro Battery Packs & Extra GoPro BatteriesKOBRA Battery (2-Pack) and Charger for GoPro HERO3+, HERO3)

This two-battery pack for GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+ includes two batteries and a dual charger as well as a cord to plug into a USB port (on a laptop or a cell phone’s USB power brick). The dual GoPro battery charger will charge both batteries simultaneously and features two status lights so you know if each individual battery is still charging or is full.

What is the best GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer?

best 3 axis brushless gimbal for gopro cameras

Cheap camera gimbals and affordable 3 axis brushless gimbals used to be a pipe dream but recently a huge number of camera gimbals have flooded the market. These handheld stabilizers rely on a series of three motor systems to control roll, yaw, and pitch (up/down, side to side, and angle) working in concert with each other to stabilize a camera, such as a GoPro. Together these auto-stabilizing functions create smooth video, as if shot with a steadicam. Because it’s hard to judge stabilization quality based on written reviews, we’ll be including a video of the results using each gimbal.

Here are some of the best small camera gimbals or 3 axis brushless gimbals for GoPro cameras:

best gimbal for gopro 3 axis brushlessEvo GP/GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal

The Evo GP 3 axis brushless gimbal is a one of the best gimbals for GoPro cameras. It’s specially made for GoPros and works well with the GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 4 and GoPro Hero 5 cameras (or any small action camera up to about 5.5 ounces). The Evo GP GoPro stabilizer offers about 4-5 hours of battery life on a single charge, which is generally longer than the battery life of a typical GoPro. But this 3 axis brushless gimbal stabilizer has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to battery life: it has a built in charging cable that lets you extend the life of your GoPro by charging it while it’s plugged in and in use!

Also be sure to check out the bigger brother model, the Evo GP-Pro version which costs a bit more but also gives you a threaded screw mount in the battery grip to mount it on a tripod or monopod, as well as smoother signal processing and a thumb switch style manual control mode to give you more control over the smoothness of the video you’re capturing.

best gimbal for gopro 3 axis brushlessFeiyu Tech FYG5 Gimbal Professional Video Stabilizer

The Feiyu Tech Brushless Gimbal for GoPro is another cheap GoPro gimbal that produces extremely stable footage. It also has the distinction of being the first splash-proof GoPro gimbal. While we wouldn’t take it swimming, it is water-resistant and works fine in the rain or at the beach. Like the EV-Pro model above, the Feiyu Tech GoPro Gimbal has a 4-way joystick button to help control the gimbal direction, though it’s also possible to use it in full automatic stabilization mode.

The Feiyu Tech camera gimbal also has a great battery life: up to 8 hours on a single charge from its rechargeable internal battery. Like the Evo GP GoPro Gimbal model above it can also recharge your GoPro battery from its internal battery. You can use your smartphone to download the free companion app to control advanced settings for the gimbal system as well. This 3 axis brushless gimbal works with GoPro Hero 3, Hero 4, Hero 5, and other similarly shaped small action cameras.

best gimbal for gopro 3 axis brushlessRemovu S1 GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer

The Removu S1 brushless GoPro Gimbal is another one of the best GoPro gimbals for the money. It features a unique design that allows you to detach the gimbal unit from the grip which lets you mount the gimbal anywhere that you mount a GoPro camera (it has the same standard action camera mounting system). This means that you can wear your Removu + GoPro on a helmet or chesty or selfie stick or other GoPro accessory. When you have the gimbal detached from the handle grip, the handle grip can be used as a wireless remote control to set which mode the gimbal is in and also check battery life remotely using its built in status display screen.

The Removu also comes in a handsome water resistant hard case with padded interior to keep all your gimbal gear neatly packed away when not in use (and it does come with a fair number of accessory bits and bobs). The Removu gimbal for GoPro works with GoPro Hero 3, 4, 5 and even has a special mounting accessory for the tiny GoPro Session camera.

best gimbal for gopro 3 axis brushlessGoPro Karma Grip

If you have an official GoPro Karma drone, you probably know that drone camera has a built in 3 axis brushless gimbal system attached to the drone itself which you mount your GoPro on. Well, it turns out that you can disconnect the gimbal on the drone and plug it into this grip handle that GoPro makes which turns it into a handheld gimbal for GoPro. Of course, this product doesn’t work unless you have the gimbal from a GoPro Karma drone but if you’ve got one of those, this is the natural choice. Provides a battery life of up to 1 hour and 45 minutes and comes in a carrying case. Works with GoPro Hero 5 and 4 (with a mounting accessory sold separately).

Other notes & factors to consider when choosing a gimbal for GoPro cameras:

What is the battery life like on this GoPro Gimbal?

Keep in mind that you may not need a huge amount of battery life given that GoPros don’t have extremely long battery life themselves (especially if you’re recording in a high quality mode) but it’s nice to have a battery that won’t quit before you do. Another nice feature is GoPro gimbals that can recharge your GoPro when its tiny internal battery is spent.

Is this gimbal splash-proof?

Depending on how you plan to use your GoPro gimbal, whether or not it’s waterproof may not be a big issue. But if you intend to use it in wet conditions like at the beach or in the rain or near water, we’d recommend you make sure you’re getting a GoPro gimbal that’s specifically advertised as being splash-proof or rain-proof.

Is this gimbal compatible with my model of GoPro?

Not every 3 axis brushless gimbal works with every GoPro camera and so you’ll want to make sure that the model you’re considering works with your camera. For instance, some won’t work with the GoPro Session, and others may not work with the GoPro Hero 5.

Can this GoPro gimbal be mounted on anything else, or can it only be used on the handle?

A few GoPro gimbal systems can mount on other gear such as the Removu which can mount on anything with a standard GoPro action camera mount, detaching from its handle. Another gimbal system for GoPro, the Evo GP-PRO version has a standard tripod screw mount at the bottom of its handle which allows you to mount it on other standard camera gear.

5 Best Action Cameras for Kids 2024

best action cameras for kids

GoPros and other action cameras are particularly hot these days because they allow you to capture high-quality point-of-view video (POV video) with a compact, rugged, waterproof, mountable video camera. Getting your child their own little video camera can encourage creativity and an interest in technology. But many action cameras aren’t cheap so if your child wants an action camera you might be hesitant to drop several hundred dollars on the best GoPro on the market. Luckily there are now some affordable and easy to operate action cameras for kids that fit the bill.

Here are some of the best action cameras for kids:

Spy Go Action Camera

This action camera for kids comes with a head strap mount, a clip mount (for attaching to bike handlebars, scooters, skateboards, or just about anything else), and more. It’s marketed as “spy gear for kids” but this action camera can be used for a variety of uses. The Spy Go Action Camera runs off a rechargeable battery (included) and can record up to 15 minutes of standard definition video or up to 1500 still photos (no memory card required). It has three different simple modes: video with sound, still, and burst mode which captures a flurry of high-speed photos to capture fast action. Note that this model doesn’t have a screen and you’ll need to sync it with your computer to view the footage your child records. Recommended for age 6 and up.

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

Here’s an action camera for the active outdoorsy kid in your life. It comes with a waterproof case that can be brought in swimming pools, ponds, lakes, or the ocean up to 6 feet deep and also comes with a variety of mounts for attaching the camera to bikes and other things. It comes with two mounts to attach to bikes, skateboards, and other items. Another handy feature of this action camera is its hand strap which makes it harder to lose while on the go. This model has a 1.4 inch LCD screen on the rear which allows you to preview shots or review footage and still photos. The fun photo effects mode allows your child to add decorations to the photos they take. You’ll need a microSD card (sold separately) but once you’ve got that it records up to 240 minutes of standard definition video with sound or 278,000 photos. This action camera for kids features a rechargeable battery and also a USB cable to connect to your computer and offload footage or photos.

Recommended Age: 4 and up

Available Colors: Camouflage, Purple, Yellow

PROGRACE Waterproof Kids Action Camera

This is a great option if you want a GoPro for kids. PROGRACE makes this action camera with young hands in mind. With easy to push buttons, this durable camera comes with a waterproof case to make it adventure safe and protected up to 90 feet underwater. If your child wants to film their own action videos, they will appreciate the included mounting kit.

The built-in rechargeable battery allows for 90 minutes of video recording time. If you purchase a separate 32 GB MicroSD card, you can store up to 480 minutes of video. With the wide-angle lens and 2 inch LCD screen, your kid will be able to make amazing videos.

Recommended Age: 4 to 12 years old

Photo Resolution: 5MP

Video Resolution: 1080p

Available Colors: Blue, Pink, Green Camo, Red, Yellow

Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

The Ourlife camera is perfect for kids on the go who want to express themselves artistically through video or photos. Whether they dream of being a Youtuber or just documenting their life, this camera has all the features a child needs in an action camera. This waterproof camera has all the standard features, including a bike/helmet mount, 1.77″ LCD screen, and a built-in rechargeable battery. With 1.5 hours ofcontinuous recording time, your child can take videos or photos. It has built in filters including 7 colors for video and 6 graphic frames for still photos.

This camera supports micro SD cards up to 32GB and even comes with an 8GB memory card to start with. This is great for kids and pre-teens as a starter action camera that the whole family can enjoy.

Recommended Age: 4 to 12 years old

Available Colors: Blue, Navy, Pink

Image Specs: HD 720p video, 5.0 MP photo

VTech Kidizoom DUO Camera

If you’re looking for more of a handheld camera or video camera for kids, the VTech Kidizoom Duo camera might fit the bill perfectly. It has both a front and a rear camera (for taking selfies) and a 2.4-inch color screen on the reverse. With both a photo and a video mode, the Kidizoom Duo also has a 4x built-in zoom, a flash, and even 5 built-in games that your child can play on the rear screen. Takes videos in standard definition and offers fun color effects that can be used in both photo and video modes. Although this model has 256 mb of internal built-in memory, we’d recommend adding a microSD card (sold separately) so you’re not constantly stuck plugging it into your computer to offload footage and photos to make space for new ones. Also includes a digital voice recorder mode a speaker for reviewing footage or voice recordings.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

Available Colors: Pink, Blue, Camouflage

Other Notes & Factors to Consider

When you’re shopping for a waterproof or sports camera for your children, you’ll want to keep the following points in mind:

Age suitability – All the action cameras in this list are specifically designed as action cameras for kids so if you’re buying an action camera for a teenager you might want to choose a more advanced model like a cheap action camera under $100.

Whether the camera takes SD cards or has built-in memory – There are advantages to both, but some parents may find memory cards too easy to lose in which case they might opt for a model that uses built-in memory (like the first or last items on this list). On the other hand, those models store much less video and fewer photos than the models that use removable microSD cards, sold separately. All in all, we’d recommend considering using an action camera with removable memory cards.

The form factor of the camera – Some of these action cameras for kids are shaped like GoPros and others have a more traditional point and shoot camera design to them. Whether or not your child is likely to want to mount their camera to something like a bike will help you decide which form factor will work better.

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How to Create Panning Time Lapses with GoPros, DSLRs or Smartphones

You’ve probably seen videos like the one above that combine timelapse photography with a smooth pan, which creates a really cool effect. You may have even wondered to yourself, “how do you make a panoramic time-lapse video?” Years ago it was quite difficult to make these panning time lapse videos but today several special tools allow us to shoot these videos quite easily and cheaply. These panning timelapse videos can be shot with either GoPro cameras or DSLRs in timelapse mode and turn out well. Here are some of the best tools to create a panoramic timelapse video:

Movo Photo MTP1000 Panaromic 360°/ 60-Minute Time Lapse Tripod Head for Cameras, DSLR’s, GoPro’s and Smartphones

Panning timelapse tripod head

The simplest type of panoramic timelapse solution is basically a rotating egg timer with a tripod mount. That’s what this one is: you attach your camera, twist the base, and let it unwind for up to 60 minutes (a full 360 degree rotation). Because this model isn’t motorized it also doesn’t need to charge. The Movo MTP1000 time lapse tripod head works with GoPro cameras, DSLRs, or smartphones and comes with accessories to attach each type of camera. On top this unit has a hole to mount your camera and on the bottom it has another hole to screw in either a tripod or you can place it on a flat surface. Note that this model is also available in a slower-turning 120 minute version for longer panning time lapses. Holds cameras up to 4 pounds in weight.

BlackBolt Motorized Panning Timelapse Head

Panning timelapse tripod head

One step up from the manual winding panning head is this motorized panning timelapse tripod head. It can accommodate a GoPro or a smart phone and offers 3 panning speeds. This head also offers the ability to pan in either clockwise or counter clockwise, an option not available with manually winding timelapse turners. This unit takes 1 hour to rotate 360 degrees in timelapse mode, up to 20 seconds per rotation in fast mode. Its battery charges via USB and will last for up to 90 minutes, similar to the runtime of a normal GoPro battery.

TurnsPro – Time lapse Camera Mount – Panning Rotating 360 for GoPro, DSLR, iPhone

Panning timelapse tripod head

The TurnsPro Timelapse camera mount for GoPro Cameras and smartphones is a higher end panning time lapse mount. It’s a bit pricier but it runs on replaceable AA batteries which provides it with over 10 hours of battery life, and you can also specify the rotation speed using the built in digital display (all the way from 20 seconds per rotation to an incredible 10 hours). Works with cameras that weigh less than about 2.2 pounds. Comes with mounts for smartphones as well as GoPros and small DSLR cameras. This rotating timelapse mount can also pan in 1 second increments, making it a good option for the time lapse modes on certain cameras.

Movo Photo MTP-11 Motorized Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head with Variable Speed, Time and Direction with Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Panning timelapse tripod head

The Movo Photo MTP-11 Motorized Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head is another great panning timelapse head for GoPros and similar cameras. It comes with a smartphone cradle that works with iPhones or Android phones, as well as a GoPro head and a normal tripod screw mount to use with even heavier DSLRs up to 4.4 pounds in weight. This unit holds about 6 hours of battery life, recharges via USB and can rotate at custom angles (either 360 degrees or less than that) at various chooseable speeds. This paning timelapse head will either sit on a flat surface such as a table or screw on to a tripod or another mount system like a clamp that uses a standard 1/4 inch tripod mount.

Factors to consider when choosing a panning tripod head for timelapse

Supportable weight: If you’re planning to use your new panning timelapse timer with just a GoPro then you probably won’t have any concerns about weight. But if you’re planning to use it with a larger DSLR camera you’ll want to check to see how much your camera weighs (with lens attached) to make sure you’ll be in the clear. Some of these panning timelapse timers can accommodate cameras that weigh up to about 4 pounds but others have weight limits of half that.

Whether it comes with smartphone cradles: Not all models do and if you’re planning to use your phone to record timelapses, you’ll want to be sure to get a timelapse panner that comes with one.

Whether it can be attached to a tripod: In many cases you may want to mount the timelapse panner on a tripod and then the camera on top of the mount, to ensure steady shots. Make sure that whichever panning timelapse head you get has a standard screw hole in the bottom so it can be mounted on top of a tripod (each one mentioned in this article has this).

Make your GoPro Float: Best GoPro Floating Grips, Floatys & More

If you’ve used your GoPro or other action camera in the water already you’ve probably noticed one important thing: it doesn’t float. Despite coming with a waterproof plastic case, no GoPro cameras float on their own. Luckily there are several floating accessories you can buy to make your GoPro float. Here are some of the best we’ve found.

Best accessories to make your GoPro float:

GoPro Floating Hand Grip (“The Handler”)

The best floating GoPro grip

This official action camera accessory made by the GoPro company is quite handy. It serves as a handgrip for your GoPro on land or water and it floats remarkably well, even in choppy water. The handle itself is full of air and it’s buoyant enough to support a GoPro in its plastic waterproof housing. The bottom of the handle is a bright red-orange color which makes it easy to spot in the ocean water in particular. The handle itself also comes with an adjustable wrist strap to reduce the chance that your GoPro will be lost. The handle is made of a comfortable semi-soft foam grip which is comfortable to hold whether it’s wet or dry. You can also adjust the angle at which the GoPro is mounted so it tilts up or down to capture whatever viewpoint you are aiming for. Compatible with the standard GoPro Hero as well as the GoPro Session miniature action camera.

Xtech® Underwater Floating Bobber Handle for GoPro Hero & GoPro Session

The best floating GoPro grip

When you’re swimming in deeper or darker water you might prefer a floating GoPro handle that’s a bright color instead of just the tip being colored for visibility. This GoPro floating bobber handle quite easily fits the bill with its bright yellow floating body. It also comes with an adjustable tightening hand-strap so even if you need to let go of your GoPro while underwater it won’t go too far. This floating GoPro handle is also lightweight and will work with either the GoPro Hero, GoPro Session or other action cameras with compatible mounts. This is a great diving, surfing, or swimming waterproof accessory.

GoPro Floaty Backdoor

The best floating GoPro grip

Surfers, listen up. If you’re mounting your GoPro using a suction mount or other mount type, there’s always a chance the suction could fail and your GoPro could be left to sink. That’s where the GoPro Floaty Backdoor comes in: it’s an incredibly buoyant bright colored (easily spotable) foam backdoor that sticks to your waterproof GoPro housing to make your GoPro float. The Floaty comes with an extra backdoor panel so you can still use one swappable backdoor panel without one (if your GoPro has a screen on the back for instance, as some GoPro models do).

Official GoPro Floaty (For HERO4 Session)

The best floating GoPro grip

As GoPro session owners know, not every GoPro accessory works with their smaller action cameras. But here’s one made just for GoPro Session 4: a floating housing that’s bright orange so it’s easily spotable floating in the water. This floating housing for the cube-shaped GoPro Session is semi-soft like a life jacket and can also protect your GoPro Session from some impacts. It’s conveniently shaped so you can still access the shutter button while it’s in use. Allows you to mount it through the bottom of the floaty, so most mount accessories work normally.

Nordic Flash Waterproof camera floating wrist straps (2-pack)

The best floating GoPro grip

These waterproof wrist straps can save your GoPro from drowning. And this is also a two pack so you can also use the second strap for either a second GoPro or perhaps your keys or another item that you don’t want sinking if it accidentally falls in the water. These floating hand straps come in a variety of bright colors which are easy to spot even in dark water because they stand out. These also are easy to travel with since they take up almost zero space in a suitcase and they’re super light. Also works with phones and other small and light cameras weighing up to 7 ounces.

Other tips to make sure your GoPro camera doesn’t sink

• Always test out a new floating device in a bathtub or shallow water to make sure that it’s not going to let you down. Even if it’s brand new and designed specifically for your camera it might have a manufacturing defect or hole in it, and the worst possible time to find this out would be when you need it the most to float.

• Choose floating hand grips and straps that will be easy to spot in dark water like the ocean. Black floating accessories are not recommended because they can be quite difficult to find when you’ve lost them since GoPros themselves are not particularly brightly colored.

• Keep in mind that some floating accessories may only be able to support the weight of a GoPro itself in its waterproof case, not other accessories you may have it attached to. So make sure that if you’re using your GoPro with a suction cup for instance that you have enough floating straps and floaters to make the entire unit buoyant– not just the camera itself– otherwise it may sink.


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The Best Cheap Drones with Camera for Under $100

Interested in fooling around with flying camera drones but not interested in spending over a thousand dollars to do it? Drone photography and video is in its infancy but luckily there are now several budget drones available for sale that allow you to dip your toe into the world of drone video and photography for less than a fortune. And learning how to properly fly a cheap camera drone can be an excellent way to decide whether or not you want to invest in a more expensive professional drone setup later on. The stakes are lower if you accidentally crash it, and you’ll get used to what it’s like to pilot a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

Here are some of the best cheap drones with camera for under $100

DBPower UFO RC Drone with HD Camera

Cheap drone with camera for under $100

The DBPower UFO Done is a cheap drone with camera under $100 that looks like a UFO! It features a video camera and comes with two rechargeable batteries (each one will last up to about 10 minutes in flight). This camera drone works with your iPhone or Android device to wirelessly transmit video (using a FPV or first person view camera) so you can steer with the included control joysticks even if you can’t see exactly what you’re filming. Shoots video at 640 x 480 standard definition and images at 1280 by 960 (HD resolution). The UFO camera drone has a video transmission range of up to 40 meters but can actually fly up to 100 meters away as long as you can maintain visual contact with it to steer. Although this is marketed as a quadcopter drone, it actually has six propellers. Includes a one button “return to pilot” function in case it gets lost and it can also do tricks like a 360 flip.

FPV Drone with 2.0MP HD Camera Live Video

Cheap drone with camera for under $100

The GoolRC Camera Drone features real-time First Person Video (FPV) transmission straight to the controller which has a built in LCD screen which some users may find preferable to having to hook up their phone to the drone’s wifi system as many other models require. This camera drone will fly for up to 10 minutes and can take HD photographs as well as standard definition video stored on an SD card on the camera. The range of this camera is about as far as a football field and it can fly indoors or outdoors. It also has LED lights so you can fly at night and not lose track of where it is. Includes a “one key return” feature so you can land your drone safely even if you’ve lost track of where it is.

Mini Quadcopter With 2.0MP Camera Remote Control Nano Quadcopter Drone

Cheap drone with camera for under $100

Here’s another cheap drone with camera under $100 that has the unique distinction of being SUPER TINY. This kit (which is surprisingly cheap) includes the drone itself as well as a controller and a USB cord to charge it or get photos and video off it. Runs on AA batteries (not included). Flight time is surprisingly long for an item this small: about 5-6 minutes. It also lights up for night flying and drone recovery (in case you’re not quite sure where it landed). SD card not included. Note that this drone with camera doesn’t include any way to preview the video (FPV) while you’re flying. You’ll need to connect it to a computer to offload the footage or photos after you’ve landed it.

Holy Stone HS110W FPV Drone with 720P HD Live Video Wifi Camera 2.4GHz

Cheap drone with camera for under $100

The Holy Stone is unique because it’s a cheap camera drone under $100 that actually FPV Drone records 720P HD video instead of only taking HD photos. It will fly for up to around 10 minutes per battery charge, although you can purchase a separate battery 2-pack kit for more flying time. It also features a “return to home” mode to land safely and it comes with a 4GB micro SD memory card to record footage on. It comes with its own remote control but you’ll need to use your iPhone or Android phone as the screen to preview the footage from the camera while you’re flying since the remote doesn’t have a screen of its own. Also has LED lights for night flying visibility.

Frequently asked camera drone questions

Why is the battery life on these drones with cameras so short? Top of the line camera drones today that cost over $1,000 only have batteries that last about a half hour, so these cheap drones with cameras can only be expected to last a fraction of that time. Part of the reason that these camera drones don’t last too long is because the battery powers both the drone itself (and some of these drones have 6 blades which means they have 6 motors) as well as the cameras they’re shooting video or photos with.

Can I get additional battery packs for these drones? It varies from drone to drone, but if flying time is important to you, you’ll want to check to make sure that the camera drone you’re considering has rechargeable batteries that you can swap out.

Will I need to register with the FAA to operate one of these drones? In the US the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) now requires owners of drones that weigh more than 0.55 pounds to pay $5 and complete a simple registration form on their website. However none of the drones listed in this article weigh that much so you won’t need to register with them.

What are the best dog & cat camera collars & pet cameras?

Are you curious about what your dog does all day long? Dog camera collars are one way to answer that question. (Another solution is a home security pet camera that is not mounted directly upon your pet.) Dog camera collars come with some drawbacks however, like battery life and camera quality because of their small size, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting in advance. Here are some of the best dog camera collars we could find:

Digital Pet Collar Camera Video Recorder For Dogs & Large Cats

This dog camera collar weighs only 35 grams, or less than 1.5 ounces which is pretty light. They recommend it for pets ranging from 28 to 66 lbs in weight. It records both pictures and video with audio. It offers only about 2 hours of battery life, shoots in standard definition (not HD). Comes with a 32GB memory card, storage case, and its own collar.

Uncle Milton – National Geographic – Pet’s Eye View Camera

Best dog camera collar

Here’s another dog and cat camera collar system: this one doesn’t come with its own collar but instead clips on to your dog’s existing collar. Records in automatic intervals, either every one minute, every 5 minutes or every 16 minutes. This model records on internal memory and can store up to 40 photos before it needs to be plugged into your computer to offload your pet’s pics. The photos are at 640 x 480 resolution. Runs off of AAA batteries.

Eyenimal Dog & Cat Video Camera with Built-In Night Vision

Best dog camera collar

This is a cat collar camera and dog collar camera that records video with audio on its built in flash memory (enough for two and a half hours worth). This unit weighs about one and a half ounces, which is light enough for even many cats and small dogs to wear clipped to their collar. The Eyenimal dog and cat pet camera has two recording modes including a motion detection mode which will only record video if you pet is moving around (so you won’t waste battery and recording time on capturing their sleep). It also has a night vision mode. Runs off an included rechargable battery.

EYENIMAL Pet Video Cam by Dogtek

Best dog camera collar

Here’s another well reviewed dog camera collar system from Dogtek. It easily attaches to your pet’s collar and has 4GB of built in storage, enough for 2.5 hours of video with sound. This model weighs only 1.2 ounces so it’s quite light and will work even for cats and small dogs. Runs off of an internal rechargable battery (included).

Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera, Matte Silver

Best dog camera collar

As an alternative to a dog camera collar or a cat camera collar, the Petcube is a wifi pet camera that works from a stationary position inside your home and allows you to monitor and interact with your pets from work. It includes two way audio, a laser toy and works with an iPhone and Android app which is pretty neat. The Petcube also features a 138 degree wide angle lens which allows you to have a wide field of view of your home or apartment while you’re away. No subscription fee (a one time purchase of the camera works forever). You can also capture photos and videos from the phone app as well as share access with friends and family based on a schedule (so nobody’s peeking at you while you’re at home).

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How to Watch Your GoPro Videos on a TV

You’ve shot some amazing footage on your GoPro. How do you show it off on your television so other people can watch it too? Depending on the type of TV you have, there are a few easy ways to play the footage, and sometimes you can play it directly from your GoPro camera. To pick the method that will work best for you, you’ll need to be familiar with the ports on the front, back, or side of your television. We have images below to help guide you. Here are several ways to view a GoPro video on your TV:

Watch via HDMI with a GoPro to HDMI Cable

If you have a modern flatscreen or Smart TV, it probably has an HDMI port (or a few). Check the sides or back of your television for a narrow port that looks like this:

Watch GoPro on TV - GoPro to HDMI Cable

How to connect GoPro to TVIf you want to connect your GoPro to a modern HD television that has an HDMI port on it, a GoPro to HDMI cable is the natural choice. Using one of these is easy: just set your GoPro to Playback mode using the front Mode button next to the lens and connect this cable to the micro HDMI port on the side of your GoPro to the normal full-sized HDMI port on the side or rear of your television, and select that HDMI input using your TV’s remote. Note that a normal HDMI cable that has full-sized HDMI connectors on both ends will not work since your GoPro has a Micro HDMI port instead of a full sized one since the camera is small enough that a full-sized HDMI port would not fit. That’s why you’ll need this special cable to connect your GoPro to a television.

When it’s time to connect your GoPro to your TV via HDMI, you may find it’s a little temperamental.

First, make sure your GoPro is turned off and remove any third party accessories.

Plug the HDMI cable into your TV and make sure the correct HDMI input is selected on the television.

Plug the HDMI cable into your GoPro.

Turn the GoPro on. You should see what your GoPro sees on the TV.

If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting the HDMI cable from the GoPro and then reconnecting it while the GoPro is on. Once you see what your GoPro sees, you can use your GoPro to select videos and play them on your TV.

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Frequently Asked GoPro Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked GoPro questions or questions about action cameras generally.

How to turn off a GoPro?

If you’re wondering how to turn off a GoPro, press and hold the front power button (next to the lens) for about five seconds. If you only press this front power button quickly, the GoPro will not shut off but instead will only switch modes. The red light will blink a few times to confirm that you are asking it to shut off. It may wait a moment before shutting down completely.

Can you take pictures with a GoPro?

Yes! You can absolutely take photos with a GoPro. Here’s how to take pictures with your GoPro: First, switch to the still photo mode. You can do this by pushing the front Mode button a few times until the word “Single” and the camera icon appears on the GoPro’s front screen. Now that your GoPro is in still photo mode, you can use the normal record button on the top of the GoPro to take a photo. You can switch through different photo modes using the side button to adjust your settings.

What is the best way to edit GoPro videos?

We suggest using the free GoPro Studio program to edit your GoPro footage into a compelling video. For more, read our article: What is the best video editing software for GoPro videos?

Where can I find free music for GoPro videos?

There are several places you can find free music for your GoPro videos. Here are a few free music sources: 1. If you have a YouTube account, browse their library of free instrumental music. 2. If all of that isn’t good enough, consider signing up for an Audioblocks account which will give you access to a huge library of thousands of music tracks for you to use in your GoPro video editing. Use this coupon code for a discount.

How can I add music to GoPro Videos?

You’ll need to use some sort of video editing software on your computer to add music to your GoPro footage. For more on that, read our article: What is the best video editing software for GoPro videos?

How to attach a GoPro to a Dog?

You’ll need a specialized harness for your dog that is made to hold your GoPro camera. Check our article: Best GoPro Dog Mount and GoPro Pet Mounts

How to delete GoPro Pictures & Videos

There are two ways to delete photos and videos off your GoPro camera. The first way is to connect your GoPro (or just the memory card) to your computer and delete the photos or videos you don’t want to keep from there. If you don’t have a computer (or a USB cable) handy, you can also delete photos or videos directly from your GoPro itself. To do this, you’ll need a GoPro with a color screen on the back of it (models like the Gopro session which has no color screen to view photos cannot delete photos or videos). To delete photos on a GoPro with a color viewing screen, first get into Playback mode by pressing the front Mode button next to the lens until the Playback arrow shows up. Select Playback by pressing the Rec button on the top (or using the camera’s touch screen if it has one). Next, choose Select by using the side button. Choose the photo or video you’d like to select, then choose Delete.

How to make good GoPro videos?

What makes a GoPro video good vs bad? That’s in the eye of the beholder. But we would argue that there are a few factors that make the difference between a good GoPro video and a bad one. First, the video’s length: nobody likes a video that’s too long. Sometimes a really great moment that would be a killer 1 minute video is hidden inside a longer 6 minute video that’s unbearable to watch. So we’d argue that you should trim your videos as much as possible. Next, since the audio from action camera microphones is usually not so great and not that important, replacing it with music can help make the video more exciting too. (Related: see our article on External microphones for GoPro Cameras – GoPro Mics & More) Finally, adding in effects, titles and transitions can help make a video shine. To do each of these, you’ll need to use some GoPro editing software on your computer. The first step is to read our article: What is the best video editing software for GoPro videos?

How to edit GoPro pictures?

There are plenty of ways to edit GoPro photos on your computer, but we’d suggest the easiest way is to upload your photos to an online service like free Photoshop Express editor.

What is the best GoPro to buy?

Check out our article: GoPro Comparison Chart.

How do you watch GoPro footage on a TV?

To watch your GoPro videos on a television, read our article: How to watch GoPro video on a TV