The 3 Most Popular GoPro Selfie Sticks, Boom Arms & Monopods

Not every selfie stick will work with a GoPro action camera, but here are three of the most popular GoPro compatible selfie sticks on the market:

Alaskalife GoPro Selfie Stick (Check reviews & prices)

The AlaskaLife GoPro Hero Selfie Stick is possibly the most popular selfie stick for action cameras on the internet. Or if it isn’t the most popular it’s damn close. When it’s collapsed it’s only 15 inches long– barely more than a foot so it’s easy to carry with you, but when it’s extended it can reach up to 3 feet, plenty long enough to get great third person/selfie video or stills. The mount accommodates GoPros as well as other action cameras and even most cell phones. Reviewers of this selfie stick comment about how rugged it is, and it comes in three different colors as well. It also has a strap connected to the hand grip which can help prevent the selfie stick (and your GoPro) from getting dropped when it’s fully extended.

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Official GoPro 3-Way Selfie Stick, Arm, Tripod (Check reviews & prices)

GoPro itself offers an innovative twist on the selfie stick: a 3 way device that can be a camera handgrip, a selfie stick arm, and a tripod depending on how you configure it. Instead of telescoping like most selfie sticks, the GoPro 3-Way instead folds from about 7 inches to about 22 inches long (or high if you have it in tripod mode).

It’s also light: less than a pound, and waterproof so you can take it along with you when you’re kayaking or swimming. The GoPro 3-Way is extremely well rated and rugged for use in a variety of action situations. It works with the GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4.

PolarPro PowerPole Battery Integrated GoPro Selfie Stick (Check prices & reviews)

The PolarPro GoPro Hero PowerPole is a great execution of a super smart idea: why not stick an extra battery inside the handle of a selfie stick? The PolarPro PowerPole can recharge your GoPro while it’s filming via the two built in USB ports on the mount-end of the pole. This pole reaches up to 30 inches, though it’s a little bit heavier than a typical GoPro selfie stick (1.5 pounds still isn’t that heavy though). It can also charge a cell phone or other USB-charging device in a pinch. PolarPro says a fully charged PowerPole can extend the battery life of a GoPro by up to 10 hours, an impressive number, especially if you’re on, say, a multi-day hiking trip.

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