What Are The Best Waterproof GoPro Accessories?

GoPro action cameras already come with waterproof housing but here are several other accessories that can be particularly useful when using your GoPro in, around, and under water:

GoPro Scuba Diving Mask (Check reviews & prices)

Here’s an incredibly clever concept: a scuba diving mask with a secure GoPro mount built in! This pair of scuba diving goggles is getting great reviews on Amazon. The goggles are made with tempered glass with a special anti-fog film so it won’t fog up while you’re scuba diving or snorkeling. These GoPro goggles are equipped with a standard GoPro camera mount, which works with the GoPro Hero, Session, or other third party waterproof action cameras that are compatible with GoPro standard mounts. One size fits all, comes in black.

GoPro Floating Handgrip (Check reviews & prices)

The official GoPro floating handgrip is extremely useful when you’re swimming or doing underwater photography with your action camera. As the name suggests, it’s a handgrip that attaches to your GoPro camera, and if you drop it, the camera and grip will float to the surface instead of, you know, falling to the bottom of the ocean or pool. Cleverly, the end of this floating handgrip is bright orange so it’s easy to spot when its floating tail end up (which it naturally does since the camera inside its underwater casing is the heaviest part of the unit when it’s put together). The floating hand grip also has a useful strap as well.

Replacement GoPro Waterproof Housing (Check reviews & prices)

If your original GoPro waterproof housing protective unit is damaged, cracked or lost you can buy a replacement unit from GoPro. (Related Article: What is the Best GoPro Underwater Camera?)

Like the original waterproof housing unit that came with your GoPro, this waterproof housing is rated for use up to 131 feet deep (40 meters underwater). It also includes the swappable standard, skeleton and touch backdoors which you can use to make the GoPro’s touchscreen available while in the casing. It fits both GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4 cameras and can stand up to quite a beating.

GoPole Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras (Check reviews & prices)

The GoPole floating extension pole is a selfie stick that floats. Most selfie sticks don’t but this clear plastic selfie stick will float in the ocean, a lake, or a pool, and features a bright green handle trim so it’s easy to spot if it’s floating. It also has a useful wrist strap and comes with a GoPro mount so you don’t need to use an adapter to connect your camera to it.

The maximum length of this waterproof floating selfie stick is 24 inches (two feet), which is long enough to get great selfie shots underwater.

Waterproof GoPro Mount Accessory Kit (Check reviews & prices)

This waterproof GoPro mount accessory kit comes with several items you’ll find useful if you’re taking your action camera kayaking, diving, surfing or swimming. It has two maximum strength waterproof surfboard mounts (that can also be used on kayaks, etc), two camera tethers, two tether straps, an FCS compatible plug for a surfboard, plus a bright yellow floaty sponge for high visibility on the off chance that your GoPro ends up detaching.

For even more mounts, you may wish to consider a larger accessory kit however.

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