The Best GoPro Head Straps & Helmet Mounts

For a lot of sports, you need your hands. You don’t have time to futz with a camera or hold it. These head straps and helmet mounts make it easy to wear your GoPro action camera and keep your hands free to focus on your sport. These mounts are great for rock climbing, skateboarding, skiing, and other extreme sports.

Official GoPro Hero Headstrap Mount & Quick Clip (Check reviews & prices)

The official GoPro brand headstrap is one of the most popular GoPro accessories of all time. It is compatible with GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4 action cameras, and it comes with a quick clip accessory which can be used to clip the GoPro to a variety of other clothing– not just the headstrap.

This head strap is one size fits all and features elastic adjustable straps to fit different head sizes. The GoPro head mount is also extremely lightweight and can easily be folded to fit into a pocket when it’s not being used to capture first-person video.

ProGear Helmet Mount for GoPro Hero (Check reviews & prices)

The ProGear Helmet Mount works with any model of GoPro Hero and is quite affordable (check the link for the current price). It mounts to the front of your biking helmet (or other type of helmet) and can be angled to suit your needs. It’s also extremely light, which is helpful for something you’ll be wearing on top of your normal helmet.

Note that this model of GoPro helmet mount does not include the plastic protective casing to hold the GoPro itself: you will need to supply that yourself.

Bells and Bain Gosolo Hat Compatible with GoPro (Check reviews & prices)

Now here’s a novel twist on the GoPro-strapped-to-your-head concept: a baseball hat with a discrete GoPro pouch. You probably won’t exactly fool anyone into thinking that you’re not wearing a GoPro in your hat if they look at you closely but to the casual observer the black pouch does blend in quite a bit more than the normal easily recognizable plastic GoPro housing. This hat is relatively well reviewed and also comes in a camouflage version. The Bells & Bain Gosolo hat is a snapback and fits most hats. The spandex pouch is compatible with the GoPro Hero 3 and 4 snaps securely in place with a hole for the lens.

GoPole The Arm – Helmet Extension For GoPro Cameras (Check reviews & prices)

The GoPole Arm for GoPro is an articulating arm meant for helmet (or surfboard, or anything else) application where it’s helpful to have a jointed arm. Once attached to your helmet, this articulating GoPro arm can get a unique “POV” (point of view) shot of your face.

The GoPole Helmet Arm can extend from 8 inches long to 16 inches long and weighs only 3 ounces, making it a light but strong addition to your helmet setup.

MCOCEAN 33 in 1 Accessories Mount Kit (Check reviews & prices)

The Mcocean 33 in 1 GoPro mount kit is an ultimate accessory kit to mount your GoPro to just about any helmet (and an awful lot of other things too).

In addition to plenty of mounts and a GoPro head strap, this kit also includes a selfie stick, roll bar mount (for handlebars on bikes, etc), a hook mount, and a soft carrying case for all your new gear. It also includes a standard GoPro to tripod mount, a wrist strap, adhesive strips and some anti-fog inserts.

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