The Most Popular GoPro Accessories of 2018

There are literally hundreds of GoPro accessories on the market today that help you transform your GoPro into an action camera suitable for just about any situation. From mounts that can attach your camera to a bike or surfboard, to protective housing that shields your GoPro from all sorts of abuse, the array of accessories is dizzying. Here are some of the most popular GoPro accessories and mounts in 2018 so far that GoPro enthusiasts are buying and getting an awful lot of use out of:

EEEKit 8-in-1 GoPro Mount Kit (Check reviews & prices)
The EEEKit 8 in 1 GoPro Mount Kit is one of the absolute most popular accessory kits right now in 2018. It comes with (you guessed it) eight different mounts for your GoPro. They are: A headstrap to attach your GoPro to your forehead for POV (point of view) shooting, a monopod which can allow you to angle the GoPro back toward yourself from several feet away, a windshield suction mount to securely attach your camera to your car without damaging it, a floating grip mount to make sure it doesn’t sink, a chest mount, and three other generic mounts to use as you see fit (for helmets, etc). This kit currently has almost 750 reviews on Amazon, making it the #1 best seller in their Camera Mounts & Clamps category for GoPros. For even greater variety, check out the Moocean 27 pcs Accessories Kit for GoPro Hereo.

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Alaskalife GoPro Selfie Stick (Check reviews & prices)

The AlaskaLife GoPro Hero Selfie Stick is possibly the most popular selfie stick for action cameras on the internet. Or if it isn’t the most popular it’s damn close. When it’s collapsed it’s only 15 inches long– barely more than a foot so it’s easy to carry with you, but when it’s extended it can reach up to 3 feet, plenty long enough to get great third person/selfie video or stills. The mount accommodates GoPros as well as other action cameras and even most cell phones. Reviewers of this selfie stick comment about how rugged it is, and it comes in three different colors as well. It also has a strap connected to the hand grip which can help prevent the selfie stick (and your GoPro) from getting dropped when it’s fully extended.

Smatree Double Suction Cup GoPro Car Mount (Check prices & reviews)

This GoPro Hero car mount relies on dual suction cups to secure your action camera at virtually any metal or glass surface within your car. This car mount is also articulating so you can adjust the angle of your shot to capture whatever you want to capture. The dual suction cup design provides extra insurance that your GoPro won’t accidentally fall off and is safer than a single suction cup car mount design. One unique feature of this particular GoPro car suction mount is that it also has an attachment for iPhones/Android phones which is handy for when you need to use turn by turn navigation in your car because it attaches easily to your windshield.

Official GoPro Hero Headstrap Mount & Quick Clip (Check reviews & prices)

The official GoPro brand headstrap is one of the most popular GoPro accessories of all time. It is compatible with GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4 action cameras, and it comes with a quick clip accessory which can be used to clip the GoPro to a variety of other clothing– not just the headstrap.

This head strap is one size fits all and features elastic adjustable straps to fit different head sizes. The GoPro headmount is also extremely lightweight and can easily be folded to fit into a pocket when it’s not being used to capture first person video.

Captain Jaws GoPro Flex Clamp Mount (Check reviews & prices)

The Captain Jaws Flexible GoPro mount is essentially what the name says: a flexible arm with a super strong clamp on one end and a GoPro mount on the other.

What makes this particular mount special is that it can clip to just about anything that’s less than two inches thick. Think: poles, handlebars, or even a tree branch. The arm extends about 10 inches long and is jointed seven times for easy articulation. Additionally since the clamp isn’t screw based you can easily attach, re-adjust and release it without special tools.

Wasabi Power Battery (3-Pack) and Triple Charger for GoPro HERO4 and GoPro (Check reviews & prices)

No matter which model of GoPro you’ve got and how you use it, you probably agree on one thing: you wish the battery lasted a bit longer than it does. Different GoPros and different recording modes can use up battery time faster depending on how you use them (i.e. shooting a GoPro Hero 4 Black in 4K at 30 frames per second will eat up battery a lot faster than shooting time-lapse photography). Wasabi Power, a well regarded third party battery manufacturer has just the solution for GoPro users: an extra battery three pack (and also offers options for two packs and four packs at the same link).

Each set also includes a multiple battery charger, allowing you to get all your batteries juiced up and ready for the day. The battery charger also has indicator lights which let you know if your batteries are still being charged (red) or if one or all of them is ready to be used. The charger is USB powered so you can either get a model with a USB charging wall plug or plug it into a USB cell phone charger brick or a computer to charge it.

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