5 Best Waterproof GoPro Surf Mounts & Surfing Accessories


GoPro cameras are great for capturing surfing footage, in part because they come with waterproof cases and also because they’re great action cameras capable of shooting vibrant colors and fast motion at high frame rates. Here are some of the best waterproof GoPro surfing accessories that we’ve come across.

Best Waterproof GoPro Surfing Mounts & Accessories

GoPro Waterproof Surfboard Camera Mounts
Waterproof Surfing GoPro Mounts

These GoPro surf mounts allow you to attach a GoPro with its standard mount to either the front or back of your surfboard.

They are waterproof and semi-permanent (though you can use a blow dryer to heat up the adhesive and safely remove them from the board without damaging it) and allow you to lock on a GoPro with its waterproof case in either a front facing or rear facing direction, at virtually any angle (i.e. tilted upward or straight ahead). Includes two mounting panels, camera tethers and tether straps, and a mounting plug.

GoPro Waterproof Floating Hand Grip
Waterproof Surfing GoPro Mounts

The GoPro Handler waterproof handgrip is a short, light GoPro selfie stick that you can point forward or backwards and allows you to get a nice grip on the camera. It also floats very well (we’ve tested it!) with the bottom end of the handle with a bright red end cap providing visibility even in less than perfect lighting conditions.

This waterproof mini selfie stick also includes a wrist strap that you can adjust to fit on your wrist. Waterproof to 10 meters (33 feet).

SSE® Surf Accessory Kit for GoPro HERO+, HERO4 Session, HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3
Waterproof Surfing GoPro Mounts

This GoPro surf accessory kit includes a ton of great GoPro surfing accessories including surfboard mounts, backup tethers, extension arms (which can be daisy-chained one on top of the other to get a higher angle), locking thumb screws, and a bright yellow floating bobber just in case your GoPro falls off its mount or you lose your grip under a wave. (Related Article: What is the Best GoPro Underwater Camera?)

Just about the only thing it doesn’t include is a surfboard, or the GoPro itself.

Mouth Mount + Floaty compatible with all GoPro® cameras
Waterproof Surfing GoPro Mounts

Okay this GoPro surfing accessory looks a little funny at first but it’s actually pretty neat. It works… exactly as you’d expect. It’s a mouth mount for your GoPro action camera and you grip it between your teeth. It also has a red floaty on the back so if you accidentally drop it in the ocean it’ll bob right back up to the surface with a bright red pack making it easy to spot.

GoPro Chest Mount
Waterproof Surfing GoPro Mounts

Want to get a similar POV angle, just without the uh, teeth clenching of the GoPro mouth grip? You could just decide to get a GoPro chest mount instead. Note that you might not want to wear this one without a wetsuit though because otherwise, the straps might be uncomfortable on your bare skin (to say nothing of the ridiculous tan lines you might get).

For a similar point of view angle, you could also get a GoPro headstrap mount, although you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t come off while you’re surfing because it doesn’t float on its own unless you add a floating accessory first.

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