Make your GoPro Float: Best GoPro Floating Grips, Floatys & More

If you’ve used your GoPro or other action camera in the water already you’ve probably noticed one important thing: it doesn’t float. Despite coming with a waterproof plastic case, no GoPro cameras float on their own. Luckily there are several floating accessories you can buy to make your GoPro float. Here are some of the best we’ve found.

Best accessories to make your GoPro float:

GoPro Floating Hand Grip (“The Handler”)

The best floating GoPro grip

This official action camera accessory made by the GoPro company is quite handy. It serves as a handgrip for your GoPro on land or water and it floats remarkably well, even in choppy water. The handle itself is full of air and it’s buoyant enough to support a GoPro in its plastic waterproof housing. The bottom of the handle is a bright red-orange color which makes it easy to spot in the ocean water in particular. The handle itself also comes with an adjustable wrist strap to reduce the chance that your GoPro will be lost. The handle is made of a comfortable semi-soft foam grip which is comfortable to hold whether it’s wet or dry. You can also adjust the angle at which the GoPro is mounted so it tilts up or down to capture whatever viewpoint you are aiming for. Compatible with the standard GoPro Hero as well as the GoPro Session miniature action camera.

Xtech® Underwater Floating Bobber Handle for GoPro Hero & GoPro Session

The best floating GoPro grip

When you’re swimming in deeper or darker water you might prefer a floating GoPro handle that’s a bright color instead of just the tip being colored for visibility. This GoPro floating bobber handle quite easily fits the bill with its bright yellow floating body. It also comes with an adjustable tightening hand-strap so even if you need to let go of your GoPro while underwater it won’t go too far. This floating GoPro handle is also lightweight and will work with either the GoPro Hero, GoPro Session or other action cameras with compatible mounts. This is a great diving, surfing, or swimming waterproof accessory.

GoPro Floaty Backdoor

The best floating GoPro grip

Surfers, listen up. If you’re mounting your GoPro using a suction mount or other mount type, there’s always a chance the suction could fail and your GoPro could be left to sink. That’s where the GoPro Floaty Backdoor comes in: it’s an incredibly buoyant bright colored (easily spotable) foam backdoor that sticks to your waterproof GoPro housing to make your GoPro float. The Floaty comes with an extra backdoor panel so you can still use one swappable backdoor panel without one (if your GoPro has a screen on the back for instance, as some GoPro models do).

Official GoPro Floaty (For HERO4 Session)

The best floating GoPro grip

As GoPro session owners know, not every GoPro accessory works with their smaller action cameras. But here’s one made just for GoPro Session 4: a floating housing that’s bright orange so it’s easily spotable floating in the water. This floating housing for the cube-shaped GoPro Session is semi-soft like a life jacket and can also protect your GoPro Session from some impacts. It’s conveniently shaped so you can still access the shutter button while it’s in use. Allows you to mount it through the bottom of the floaty, so most mount accessories work normally.

Nordic Flash Waterproof camera floating wrist straps (2-pack)

The best floating GoPro grip

These waterproof wrist straps can save your GoPro from drowning. And this is also a two pack so you can also use the second strap for either a second GoPro or perhaps your keys or another item that you don’t want sinking if it accidentally falls in the water. These floating hand straps come in a variety of bright colors which are easy to spot even in dark water because they stand out. These also are easy to travel with since they take up almost zero space in a suitcase and they’re super light. Also works with phones and other small and light cameras weighing up to 7 ounces.

Other tips to make sure your GoPro camera doesn’t sink

• Always test out a new floating device in a bathtub or shallow water to make sure that it’s not going to let you down. Even if it’s brand new and designed specifically for your camera it might have a manufacturing defect or hole in it, and the worst possible time to find this out would be when you need it the most to float.

• Choose floating hand grips and straps that will be easy to spot in dark water like the ocean. Black floating accessories are not recommended because they can be quite difficult to find when you’ve lost them since GoPros themselves are not particularly brightly colored.

• Keep in mind that some floating accessories may only be able to support the weight of a GoPro itself in its waterproof case, not other accessories you may have it attached to. So make sure that if you’re using your GoPro with a suction cup for instance that you have enough floating straps and floaters to make the entire unit buoyant– not just the camera itself– otherwise it may sink.


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