Best GoPro Dog Mount and GoPro Pet Mounts

GoPro Dog Mount

Interested in mounting your GoPro or similar action camera on your dog? There are now special GoPro dog mounts and dog camera harnesses available for just this purpose. When you mount your GoPro to your dog, you can get a dog’s eye view of the world. It can result in some pretty neat or funny footage. There are a few different types of GoPro dog mounts so you’ll want to pick the right one for your pet.

Best GoPro Dog Mount and Dog Camera Harnesses

Besvalo Dog Harness with Camera Mount

The Besvalo dog harness with a camera mount has adjustable bands to fit dogs of different sizes (small through large). The adjustable black straps to fit securely around your pet’s front legs and stomach to securely mount a GoPro on your dog. Works with either GoPro and cameras that work with GoPro mounts (like GeekPro or Lightdow cameras, etc). The chest area is padded and wide for a comfortable fit. Includes two different mounts for chest or back mounting options.

Official GoPro Dog Harness With Mounts

GoPro Dog Mount/ GoPro Mount for Dog Harness

If you want a GoPro harness for a dog that comes with all the mounting gear you need in one package, the official GoPro Fetch kit is probably the right choice for you. It works with two dog mounting options, which you can either use separately or at once to mount two cameras on your dog! The first is on top, giving a “third person” dog angle, and the other is an “underneath the chin” camera mount. This waterproof dog mount comes in black and is adjustable to fit dogs that weigh anywhere from 10 pounds to 120 pounds. Soft and padded for your pet’s comfort. The underneath view is better than a GoPro dog dollar, because your dog will probably find that too heavy, whereas with this chest mount it distributes the weight more evenly than a dog collar for GoPro would.

PROtastic Action Camera Dog Harness

Here’s another GoPro dog mount to harness your action camera on your dog. It comes with a GoPro buckle mount and screw and is designed to fit large dogs. You can mount your GoPro or other compatible action camera (any camera that works with the standard GoPro camera mounts) on top of your dog. Washable and waterproof.

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