What is the Best Action Camera for Hunting?


There are a wide variety of action cameras for hunting available today to capture your kills or missed shots. Action cameras for hunting are quite useful because you can study the footage to either review what went right, or discover what went wrong with your shot. As many experienced hunters can tell you, learning from your mistakes is the most important part of hunting. Being able to see where your shot went, how the animal reacted and other conditions that may have impacted the shot can be invaluable.

Here are the best action cameras for hunting:

iON CamoCam Realtree Xtra® Texture Camouflage HD Video Camera

The iON CamoCam is a great action camera for hunting. It comes in a realistic camo print and is shaped like a sight for easy mounting on either a rifle barrel or bow (it also comes with a quick-lock mounting accessory). The iON CamoCam shoots full 1080p HD video at up to 30 frames per second and also can shoot 14 megapixel still images. Out of the box, it’s also waterproof to 32 feet and can shoot for up to 2.5 hours. It also turns on silently without a beep like some other action cameras, so you don’t alert animals to your presence when you’re getting ready to line up a shot.

Video Resolution: 1080p HD

Image Speed: 30 fps

Still Image Quality: 14MP

Recording Time: 2.5 hours

Waterproof: Yes

Tactacam Ultimate 4.0 Action Camera for Hunting

Tactacam has designed their camera with the hunter in mind. One of the top point-of-view cameras on the market, it not only shoots in 4K but features image stabilization to make sure your video is crystal clear. The 8X zoom brings you straight into the action and if you download the smartphone app, you can use your phone to live stream your hunt in real-time. With one touch operation, it’s easy to start recording while you’re focused on lining up your shot.

Tactacam offers several different packages depending on your hunting needs. You can purchase the camera alone, or the “Gun Package” comes with a barrel/scope mount. If you prefer an under-scope rail mount, get that package. Bow hunters will appreciate the package with the bow mount. Long range shooters will love the package that comes with an FTS mount that allows you to film directly through your scope. If you want as much flexibility as possible, the Ultimate Hunter Package comes with the barrel/scope mount, under-scope mount, and stabilizer mount for the smoothest video.

The basic kit comes with the camera, rechargeable battery, USB cable, and a wall charging adapter.

Video Resolution: 4K

Image Speed: 30 fps

Waterproof: No

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ScopeCam2 Hunting Action Camera

RunCam has brought an affordable 4K hunting action camera to the market with the ScopeCam2. Offering high-quality video, the camera also features 4x digital zoom for closer images of your targets. The instant on record button means you’re already ready to record when it’s time to take your shot. Made with an aluminum body, this camera is waterproof and shockproof, meaning it can take the abuse of hunting outdoors in rough weather.

Use the RunCam app for a live preview of the camera, to watch your videos, or to share them with friends and social media. The ScopeCam2 doesn’t come with any mounts, so make sure to get the accessories you need to attach to your gun or bow.

Video Resolution: 4K, 2.7K, 1080P

Recording Time: 4 hours

Waterproof: IP64 Waterproof


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