The Best Cheap Camera Similar to GoPro


Are you looking for a cheap GoPro like camera? GoPro was one of the first affordable action cameras on the market, but their prices haven’t dropped much since they first came out. Luckily there are now several cheap options for people looking for a cheap camera similar to GoPro.

Here are some of the best cheap GoPro like cameras:

Lightdow Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD
Waterproof Surfing GoPro Mounts

The Lightdow action camera is similar to a GoPro: it has the same shape, size and even fits inside mounts made for GoPro cameras. This means that you can use virtually all the accessories made for GoPros with the Lightdow too. And trust us, that’s a lot of accessories, from waterproof surfboard GoPro mounts to GoPro selfie sticks.

The Lightdow is a great entry-level action camera choice that shoots full 1080P HD video and has a 2 inch LCD display on the back to preview your shots and navigate the menu. It even looks like a GoPro, but at a fraction of the price! Comes with a rugged plastic waterproof case and a variety of mounting accessories.

WiMiUS 4K Wifi Action Camera FULL HD 1080P 60fps 16MP Waterproof Sports Camera

Waterproof Surfing GoPro Mounts

WiMiUS 4K Wifi Action Camera is a great cheap GoPro like camera. It comes with a ton of accessories including several different mounting options (that are compatible with GoPro mounts), a pouch, and two batteries as well as a battery charger. it also comes with some other useful accessories like a screen cleaning cloth and a USB cable.

When the included waterproof case is on this action camera, it protects it up to 30 meters deep (100 feet). If you’re looking for a great GoPro or action camera for the money, this might be our top choice.

GeekPro 4.0 Sport Action Camera 2inch Sports Video WIFI Cam 12MP Underwater Camcorder
Waterproof Surfing GoPro Mounts

Here’s another cheap camera similar to GoPro: the Sony AZ1 Action Camera Mini POV HD Video Camera. It has a different form factor which can be better for some uses. It records high quality 1080P HD video in 5 different modes including a 60p mode which can be slowed down into a slow motion mode using the included software. This Sony action camera is available in different configurations including one with an included wrist-worn live view remote which lets you see exactly what the camera is seeing and start/stop recording remotely, which is quite useful.

Campark ACT74 Action Cam

Cheap camera similar to GoPro

The Campark ACT74 Action Camera is very similar to a GoPro in that it shoots crisp 1080p footage at up to 60 frames per second (great for slow motion recording) as well as 4K at 30 frames per second. It also is compatible with GoPro accessories and comes with its own plastic waterproof housing just like a GoPro does. With a 2 inch color LCD display on the rear, you can preview your shots and get the right angle for whatever you’re shooting. Uses standard SDHC memory cards up to 64 gigabytes (not included) and comes with two batteries and a carrying case.

Also includes a WiFi function that allows you to use your phone as a remote control up to 10 meters (30 feet) away.

We hope you find the cheap camera similar to GoPro you’re looking for!

Frequently asked questions about cameras similar to GoPros

Will these GoPro knock-offs work with official GoPro accessories? Several of the action cameras similar to GoPros on this page are indeed compatible with the official GoPro accessory ecosystem. On this page, the only model that is not compatible with GoPro mounts is the tube-shaped GeekPro camera. All the others are compatible with standard GoPro mounts, GoPro selfie sticks, and more.

Do these cameras use the same battery as GoPros? No, each camera has its own separate independent battery system that is not compatible with GoPros.

Do these cheap action cameras similar to GoPros record in 4K? Some of them listed in this article do record in 4K, like the latest GoPro action camera models. Not everyone does, however, so be sure to check the tech specs on each product page if 4K recording is a feature that’s important to you.

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