How to watch your GoPro videos on a TV

You’ve shot some amazing footage on your GoPro. How do you show it off on your television so other people can watch it too? Here are several ways to view a GoPro video on your TV:

GoPro to HDMI Cable

How to connect GoPro to TV

If you want to connect your GoPro to a modern HD television that has an HDMI port on it, a GoPro to HDMI cable is the natural choice. Using one of these is easy: just set your GoPro to Playback mode using the front Mode button next to the lens and connect this cable to the micro HDMI port on the side of your GoPro to the normal full sized HDMI port on the side or rear of your television, and select that HDMI input using your TV’s remote. Note that a normal HDMI cable that has full sized HDMI connectors on both ends will not work since your GoPro has a Micro HDMI port instead of a full sized one since the camera is small enough that a full sized HDMI port would not fit. That’s why you’ll need this special cable to connect your GoPro to a television.

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GoPro to Composite Cable

How to connect GoPro to TV

If you want to connect your GoPro to an older television without HDMI ports or maybe a different type of device like a video projector that doesn’t have an HDMI port, you’ll need a GoPro to composite cable. These are the old fashioned red, white and yellow cables that you probably remember best from hooking up a VCR to a television many years ago. Sometimes composite is called an RCA video cable. Using one of these is simple but instead of plugging it into your GoPro’s micro HDMI port, you’ll instead plug it into your GoPro’s mini USB port (the only port it’ll fit in) and select that composite input using your TV’s remote control.

Watch your GoPro Footage off your memory card

<How to connect GoPro to TV

Some televisions allow you to plug an SD memory card directly in and play videos and display photos off of that. If you have a television like this, you may be able to take the memory card out of your GoPro camera and insert it into your TV. Of course since your GoPro takes micro SD cards you’ll first need to plug the micro SD card into a mSD to full sized SD card converter so it’ll fit into your TV. If your memory card didn’t come with one of those plastic mini-to-full size enclosures, you can buy one of those adapters on Amazon cheaply here.

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