The Best Gear to Create Viral TikTok Videos

The Best Gear to Create Viral TikTok Videos

TikTok is an amazing app! Anyone can sign up and start making content immediately. But if you want to up your game to create professional-looking videos that will go viral, you need more than just your smartphone. By adding some key equipment to your production, you can make videos as fun and watchable as top influencers and TikTokers. We’ve gathered the best gear to create amazing TikTok videos.

The Best Gear to Create TikTok Videos

10″ Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Good lighting is key for making good looking videos, so if you can only afford to invest in one piece of equipment for TikTok, it should be a good quality light. This ring light is must-have gear because it serves as a tripod and light stand all in one. The tripod adjusts from 15.7″ to 50″, so you can use it on the ground or on a table. Easily mount your phone to get the best angle and use the included Bluetooth remote to control the camera. The LED ring light has three color modes (cool white, warm yellow, and natural daylight) plus 10 brightness levels so you can find the most flattering light for your shot.

This light is great for taking pictures, recording videos, and even live streaming to your fans.

Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

If a ring light is out of your budget or you usually make videos on the go, a selfie light is the perfect alternative. This affordable, portable ring light clips on to your smartphone so you’re perfectly lit in selfie mode. The light is rechargeable and has three lighting levels to choose from. The compact size means you can easily carry it in a purse or backpack so you’re ready to make content at a moment’s notice.

Selfie Stick & Tripod Duo

If you’re a travel Tiktoker or like to make your videos in cool locations, you know how hard it is to set up your phone to record. A nice quality selfie stick means you can record a video anywhere without having to ask your friend (or a stranger!) to film you. I love these duo models because you can use them like a traditional selfie stick or pop-out the tripod legs to set your camera up to record you. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control to make taking photos and videos easier. When you’re done, it folds up to a compact 8″ to go in your bag or suitcase.

Face Tracking Camera Phone Holder

If you’re dancing in your TikTok videos, you know how easy it is to step out of frame. This gadget solves that problem completely! This camera holder actually tracks your face and adjusts the angle automatically so you always stay in frame. The holder can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to create really cool and dynamic videos following you around the room. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any extra apps, just attach your smartphone or tablet, turn the tripod on and start recording.

Rode VideoMic Me-C Directional Microphone for Smartphones

If your TikTok videos are mostly of you dancing or lip-syncing, then audio isn’t important. But if you do record your own audio, you can really increase the quality of your videos with a nice directional microphone. Rode makes this model specifically for use with smartphones. It plugs directly into your phone and reduces surrounding noise so you get crisp, clear audio recordings. If you film outdoors, you can use the furry windshield to reduce wind noises.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones & Computers

If you need the freedom of movement, but still want clear audio, a wireless lavalier microphone is the gear you need. The lav mic clips on your shirt while the receiver plugs into your phone. You can go up to 100 ft away from your phone and the audio will sound like you’re right there. The receiver also can plug into the USB port on your computer, perfect for streaming or vlogging at home.

Available for Android or iPhone.

Portable Charger

When you’re on the go, making a lot of videos, it’s easy to drain your smartphone battery or your lights. Carrying a portable charger will make sure you can charge anywhere, whether you’re in the car, at the beach, or lost in the woods. My favorite is this Zendure Power Bank which is the size of a credit card, making it easy to carry anywhere. You can use it to charge a variety of devices so your gear is ready to go when you are.

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The Best Cycling Cameras to Outfit Your Bike

There are plenty of reasons why cyclists are starting to adopt bike cameras these days. For the same reasons that motorists are adopting dashboard cameras, biking cameras provide documentation of anything that happens on the road. That might be useful for insurance/police investigation purposes in case of an accident, but it also might be useful simply to capture interesting things. If you’re a mountain or sports biker, you might have totally different reasons for wanting a bicycle mounted camera. Some motorcycles even use after-market rear cameras & LCD monitors as a way to provide a rear view without relying on side mirrors.

There are two kinds of cameras for bikes that people are mounting: forward facing cycling cameras, and rear-facing bike cameras. Although both are useful (and some cyclists use a combination of both cams on their bikes), we think rear facing bicycle camera for bikes are currently more popular, at least for insurance and safety purposes. For this list of cycling cameras, we’ll split the front and rear facing cameras into two different categories. First up:

Front-Facing Cameras for Bikes

CYCLIQ Bike Camera + Front Light

This front-mounting bike camera attaches with a separate handlebar mount (available here) to record up to 8 hours of cycling time. It also has a light which you can turn on or off as needed at night, although this will shorten battery life for recording. This uses a rechargeable battery (included) which takes about two and a half hours to get a full charge from zero juice. This front-facing cycling camera is like a dash cam for a bicycle and it weighs less than 6 ounces so you may even forget it’s there! To watch footage, simply connect the camera to your Mac or PC computer with the included USB cable or use the Bluetooth feature for accessing clips from your phone wirelessly. Uses a Micro SD card to record footage on to – not included but you can buy one here.

The built in light is 600 lumens that works in a variety of modes & brightnesses. This biking camera even has a built in alarm which can notify your phone when your bicycle is moved.

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PA Cycling Bicycle Dash Camera Video Recorder

Here’s one of the best bicycle cameras that mounts on the front handlebars of your bike. It comes with a mounting kit to attach to your bicycle. It doesn’t come with a 128GB Micro SD card but you can pick one up separately here if you don’t have one already. The flashlight has a few different modes and the camera has a “Bat Eye” mode which captures clearer footage at night than would otherwise be possible. Control the app using Wifi from your phone.

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Rear-Facing Cycling Cameras

CYCLIQ Fly6 CE HD Bike Camera + Rear Light

This rear facing bicycle camera records in 1080p HD and has a long lasting tail light for cycling at night. The tail light for your bike has three different modes you can select and the camera even records audio too. The battery will last up to 7 hours between charges although it’ll be shorter if you use it with both the lights and the camera at the same time. Records on Micro SD cards (available separately here). Also has a built in bike alarm to alert your smartphone if your bike is moved (and record the location too).

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Streetwise Security Products CRVWBC Cyclecam Rearview Wi-Fi Bike Camera

This WiFi cycling camera records everything behind you in a wide fish-eye field of view and can transmit it to your phone wirelessly (handlebar mount for phone sold separately, but this kit includes all the mounting supplies you need to hook the camera up to your bicycle). Has an app for both iPhone or Android phones and works up to 5 hours on its rechargeable internal battery.

This is designed to be a wireless “live” rear-facing security camera for your bike. One difference between this camera for bikes and some others is that it doesn’t record on internal storage and instead records directly on your smartphone. For some people, this might be an advantage (because you don’t have to transfer the footage to watch it) but for others, this might be a drawback (if your phone is low on storage space already).

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Frequently asked questions about

Should you take the bike camera off your bike when you’re not using it?

This will depend on the general safety of the area that you’re using your bike and your own comfort level with leaving a camera mounted on your bike while it’s locked up on a public bike rack. Some of these biking cameras are easy to detach without tools but others are more permanently mounted on to your bike, so you’ll need to make that choice depending on circumstances and the type of camera mount you’re using.

How do you mount one of these cycling cameras to a bike?

Several of these bike cams come with their own mounting kits. For the ones that don’t, we’ve tried to link to the appropriate mounting kit separately. Depending on your use case, you might just use a GoPro action camera mounted to your handlebars using a standard GoPro bike mounting kit.

What are possible benefits of mounting a camera on my bicycle?

There are many, many reasons why bike mounted cameras are becoming popular these days. Here are a few uses people have for cameras on bikes:

  • Front-mounted cycling cameras or helmet cameras to record mountain biking adventures
  • Rear-mounted bike cameras for insurance purposes or to capture aggressive driver behavior and license plates (some rear mounted bicycle cameras even have a built in red tail light for nighttime use)
  • Rear-mounted cameras wirelessly broadcasting to a phone mounted on the handlebars to provide a fisheye rearview for safety purposes

Some bike cameras are better than others so depending on your desired use case, you’ll be able to narrow down your options to pick the best bike camera for you.

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Do bicycle cameras record sound or just video?

Some bike cams record sound, others don’t. If recording sound is important to you, be sure to check the individual product specifications of each bike camera. Many bicycle cameras do record some sound, although it might not be great quality (especially with wind noise from the bike moving quickly), it’s certainly enough to tell if a car horn is honking, etc.

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4 Best Bird Box Cameras for Nests & Birdhouses 2024

Best Bird Box Cameras for Nests & Birdhouses
Bird watching is a fantastic hobby that you can enjoy in your backyard. Bird feeders, birdbaths, and even birdhouses can bring a variety of interesting birds to your own home, but you’re restricted to what you can see from your windows or through binoculars. Bird box cameras give you a sneak peek on the bird action. Mounted inside birdhouses or nest boxes, these small cameras give you a 24/7 live feed of the resident birds. You can watch them build nests, see the babies hatch, or just enjoy their daily routines. For this article, we’ve rounded up the best bird box cameras available on the market. These cameras have all the features you need to record intriguing nature videos in your own backyard. Check out our comparison chart, buyer’s guide, and then the reviews in the next section.

Bird Box Cameras Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for bird box cameras. If you want to read our in-depth review of each camera model, scroll down to the next section.

Hawk Eye HD
3.5 Star RatingNight vision, microphone, 100' cable
HawkEye Wireless
3 Star RatingWireless video, night vision, microphone
Green Backyard IP PoE Camera
5 Star Rating1080p HD video, digital microphone, smartphone live feed
Green Feathers Wifi
4.5 Star RatingWireless 1080p HD video, Ring compatible, Includes bird house


Features to Consider for Birdhouse Cameras

If you’re new to shopping for nest cameras, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the features and options available. When you’re shopping for a bird box camera, there are some key features that you should pay attention to so that you purchase the right model for your needs.

I think one of the most important features to look for in bird box cameras is night vision. Without it, you’ll only see what’s happening in the box during the day, when sunlight happens to shine through the hole. A lot of activity will happen at night or in dim light, so night vision is going to allow your camera to capture that.

Space is tight in a birdhouse, so you want to look for a compact camera that you can unobtrusively hang inside the nest box without disturbing the birds. Usually, cameras that are marketed for use in bird boxes will be smaller in size. You may also want to consider other “spy cameras” that are small and discrete.

The location of your birdhouse will determine what kind of camera you need. If it’s far away from your house, running wires for electricity or the video feed could be a major pain. There are no 100% wireless bird nest cameras available as they all need a plug-in power source, but there are models that can provide wireless video and audio fees when a wired connection is impractical. Often these wireless cameras have lower video quality, so that is a trade-off.

Make sure whatever camera you buy has some kind of wide angle lens. Because bird boxes are so small and the camera is very close to the subjects, a wide angle lens will give you a full view of everything in the box. Cameras sold specifically for birdhouses will usually have a wide-angle lens as a default, but if you’re considering buying a spy camera to repurpose, make sure the lens is wide angle.

Best Bird Box Cameras for Nests & Birdhouses

Best Bird Box Cameras

Birdhouse Spy Cam Hawk Eye HD Camera

This spy camera isn’t for international intrigue, but for peeping on tiny peepers. Designed specifically for use in bird houses and nest boxes, this camera is compact and has most of the features you need. This miniature camera is the perfect size to mount in most bird boxes and includes a focus and lock lens, which allows you to adjust the focus and get a clear picture no matter where you mount it in the box or how large the box is. The built-in night vision helps you get a clear picture no matter the time of day.

As a bonus, this camera has a built-in microphone so you can listen to baby birds cry and other bird sounds. This camera is not wireless: it comes with a cable that is used to both power the camera and provide video and audio output. The cable is 100 feet long, which is long enough for most uses, but they also sell an extender cable if you need it. One downside with the Hawk Eye HD is the camera doesn’t have any internal memory, it provides a live feed via the RCA composite cable. You can easily record the video using your TV or computer, though you may need an HDMI adapter or USB adapter. The Hawk Eye HD is a great option if you’re looking for compact bird box cameras with good video quality.

780p video quality
Night Vision via 10 Infrared LEDs
Includes Detachable 100′ AV and Power Cable
Connect to TV or Computer
Focus and Lock Lens for Clear Picture
Built-in Microphone

Camera does not record video, just provides live feed
Composite video and audio only (RCA cable)

Hawk-Eye Wireless Spy Camera for Nest Boxes

If you like the features of the Hawk Eye HD but really need a wireless option, they’ve got you covered. Birdhouse Spy Cam makes this wireless camera that is compactly sized for birdhouses. The audio and video from the camera is sent wirelessly to your computer, but you do need to plug in the electrical cable to power the camera. This video quality is not as good as some wireless versions, but it’s great for watching birdhouse activity from a computer or TV. It also gives you the option of connecting audio and video cables.

As far as the camera goes, it has all the features you need to monitor birds. The 70-degree wide angle lens can record night vision and the built-in microphone allows you to enjoy any beautiful bird chirps. The small size of the camera makes it perfect to mount in most birdhouses or nest boxes. This wireless version of the Hawk-Eye is great for school teachers, homes, or any other situation where video cables are impossible to use.

Wireless video connection
Buit-in microphone
70 degree 2.8mm wide angle lens

Video quality not as good as wired version (380 TVL)
Camera and power adapter are not waterproof

Green-Backyard IP PoE Bird Box Camera

The PoE Bird Box Cameras from Green-Backyard are like a blend between traditional cameras and wireless cameras. While the camera is wired with a network cable that needs to be plugged into your home network to broadcast the footage. What you’ll get is the highest definition video of the cameras we’ve reviewed (1080p), streamable anywhere online or via your smartphone. The kit includes all the cables you’ll need for power and video, including a 60ft ethernet cable. The IP camera also comes with free software you can use to record the live feed on your computer.

This camera is compact and has built-in infrared for night vision video. The built-in digital microphone is crystal clear, so it’s like you’re right there. This camera is perfect to mount in birdhouses, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, or any other small, dark spaces.

Streams 1080p high definition video
Free computer software to record video
Smartphone app to stream live feed anywhere
Night vision
Built in digital microphone

Have to plug-in to home network
More complicated to set-up compared to other cameras

Lovenest Smart Birdhouse with Camera

If you’re looking for the whole package, Lovenest offers a smart birdhouse with the cameras built in. They have two models available: a one camera house with a video camera inside the house and a two camera version with an additional exterior camera. The birdhouse is made from durable cedar wood which creates a cozy home for local birds.

The cameras are waterproof Wifi cameras that transmit 1080p HD video and are Ring system compatible for easy streaming on your devices. The entire system arrives assembled and ready to use, just mount somewhere in your yard. The cameras are powered by an internal battery and a 25 foot AC power cord so you never have to worry about power interruptions.

While you can watch the live feed at any time, if you want to record video and watch later you need to pay for a Ring subscription (either monthly or annually). If you already have a Ring subscription, you can add your Lovenest as additional cameras.

Made in the USA.

Wireless camera
1080p HD video
Ring system compatible

Requires monthly subscription to record and watch footage later.

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External Microphones for GoPro Cameras – GoPro Mics & More

The GoPro action camera has great video quality but its audio quality is sorely lacking. Perhaps this isn’t surprising since the diminutive action camera is built for ruggedness rather than sound recording. But there are still plenty of scenarios where you’ll want to attach an external microphone to your GoPro. There are a few different GoPro microphones out there so you’ll want to pay attention to which model camera you have and what type of mic you’re looking for.

Lavalier & External Microphones for GoPro Cameras

Microphone adapter for GoPro Hero 5/6

The latest GoPro cameras don’t have a microphone input but instead have a USB-C port which you can attach microphones to. But since most microphones don’t work with USB-C you’ll need an adapter to go between them. This is the official GoPro microphone adapter that plugs into your camera on one end and provides you with a standard 3.5mm microphone input on the other end. It even provides you with a replacement USB-C port for charging purposes so you can record video with an external mic and charge your camera at the same time. Works with the GoPro Hero 6, GoPro Hero 5 Black, and the GoPro Hero 5/6 Session. (If you have an earlier GoPro model, keep scrolling down this article for another external microphone adapter option.)

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with 3.5mm jack

This small external microphone is well suited for GoPro cameras because of its perfect size. It doesn’t require a battery and supplies you with crisp, clean audio. To connect it to your GoPro camera you’ll need an audio adapter with a 3.5mm input, like the adapters listed in this article. Comes with a microphone shockmount and a furry windshield which you can take on and off.

Saramonic G-Mic Stereo Ball Microphone

This external GoPro mic works for Hero 3 and 4 cameras that have mini USB ports on their sides. It sticks out at a 90 degree right angle and has a sturdy microphone in a protected cage. It also comes with a foam windshield and a furry muff windshield for windier conditions. There’s no battery, additional mounts, or adapter required if you’re using this with a GoPro 3 or 4 or the original GoPro Session.

Omni-directional lapel microphone for GoPro Cameras

This clip on lapel microphone for GoPro cameras has a 3.5mm audio jack which can be connected to the adapter of your choosing (either for GoPro Hero 5/6 or 3/4). The cable between the microphone and the jack is quite long: 1.5 meters (59 inches or almost 5 feet!) which makes it useful for GoPros because you might have your camera mounted a little bit away from where you’re talking. To use this microphone, simply clip it to your shirt using the included mount. Comes with two replacement foam windscreens and a carrying travel pouch.

External Microphone & Mount Kit for GoPro Cameras

This kit provides everything you need to mount an external microphone to your GoPro camera (except the mic adapters, linked to elsewhere in this article). It includes a Rode external shotgun microphone with 3.5mm cable that you plug into your GoPro audio adapter, mic shockmount, a camera stabilizer cage, and a GoPro mount to attach your camera below the microphone. With a padded hand grip and feet this system allows you to pick up the camera, shoot with it, and put it down without worrying about it toppling over accidentally.

Go Pro 3.5Mm Mic Adapter for GoPro Hero 4 Cameras

This is an official GoPro USB to 3.5mm audio adapter for GoPro Hero 4 and original GoPro Session cameras. It connects to your action camera’s mini USB port on one end and provides you with a standard 3.5mm audio jack on the other side, which you can plug and microphone into that will fit.

This GoPro audio adapter is flexible so you’ll be able to can mount your mic at any desired angle.

Frequently asked questions about GoPro Microphones

Can I use a wireless lavalier microphone with a GoPro camera?

Yes! Here’s how to use a wireless microphone with a GoPro. You’ll need to use a GoPro audio adapter like one of the ones listed in this article and then you’ll need a wireless lav mic that has a 3.5mm output jack. Check out this related article with a list of wireless lavalier mics with 3.5mm jacks.

Are external GoPro mics waterproof? Generally speaking, no. Microphones are notoriously difficult to make waterproof due to their many holes. Additionally since sound works differently underwater it’s not really possible to get great sound while swimming anyway. Since GoPro mics are generally fairly cheap to begin with compared to professional audio gear, you may just wish to treat them as expendable gear (or not use them in wet environments).

Do external GoPro microphones need external batteries? That will depend on the specific microphone you use. Some larger mics will require additional batteries but most small sized 3.5mm microphones don’t need them. Be sure to check whether the model of mic you’re considering needs extra batteries because they can add additional weight and be another bit of gear you need to remember to bring replacements for.

How do I mount an external microphone on top of my GoPro camera? Since the standard clear plastic GoPro casing does not have an accessory mount built in, you may wish to get a case accessory like a this like one for the GoPro Hero 5/6 which has a cold shoe on top.

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The Best Camouflage GoPro Cases & GoPro Camo Accessories

Today there is a wide range of camouflage GoPro accessories and cases that work both with the original first party GoPro cameras as well as some generic third party action cameras that are compatible with GoPro mounts and housing. Camouflage GoPro protective cases can be rugged and useful if you choose carefully. In the list below you will find a variety of camo patterns available for GoPro action cameras.

The best camouflage GoPro cases

SHOOT Camouflage Gray Protective Frame Mount Stand Housing Case For GoPro HERO 5 & 6

This camouflage GoPro case works for the Hero 5 and Hero 6 cameras. It consists of a hard protective mount casing for the camera itself, providing impact resistance, drop safety and a crush shield. The pattern on this camo GoPro case is modeled after the US military’s Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) which uses a digital pattern. This mount is also lightweight and easy to use: it fits around a standard GoPro camera using the universal Gopro type mount. A window pocket in the side allows for access to charging and other port access without removing the camera from its casing.

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Mightyskins Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Cover for GoPro Hero4

If you have a GoPro Hero 4 model and you’re looking for a camouflage skin, this product is probably right up your alley. It’s a removable vinyl skin that can be used to protect your action camera from scratches as well as mask it in woodland environments. The skin adds virtually no weight to your GoPro and the camera can still be used in various mounts and protective housings just as normal. It’s easy to apply and peel off as desired, removing cleanly without any residue.

Note: If you have a GoPro Hero 4 Session, there’s also a peel and stick camo skin for that camera too.

See our related article, What is the best action camera for hunting?

Yellow Camouflage GoPro Housing & Case

This GoPro Hero 5/6 casing securely holds your action camera in a bright yellow camouflage patterned molded plastic shell. This GoPro camouflage case keeps your camera safe from many types of impacts or drops while still makign it easy to access the camera’s controls without removing it from the frame. It also uses the standard GoPro ecosystem mount so you can use it to mount on all sorts of official and third party GoPro mounts and other accessories. This is also a good GoPro mount that doesn’t compromise access to the touch screen on the back or the microphone, so sound capture won’t be muffled as a result of using it.

Camouflage Water-Resistant Rucksack for GoPro Action Cameras

This is not a protective GoPro case, instead it’s a camouflage GoPro carrying case to transport all your action camera gear in. It features a generous number of customizable inner compartments as well as a mesh zippered pouch and smaller front pocket. It’s designed back-pack style so it has straps and a carrying handle. This padded GoPro carrying case uses velcro attached dividers which lets you make the perfect size compartments for all your gear, charging cables, mounts, and other accessories. Its dimmensions reach 1 foot by 10 inches by 4 inches deep.

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Bonus: Camouflage Selfie Stick/Monopod for GoPro cameras

This is a telescoping selfie stick/GoPro monopod. It works with the standard GoPro ecosystem mount and extends from a collapsed 17.5 inches all the way up to an impressive 40 inches in length (3 feet 4 inches). The camouflage selfie stick is designed with a digital style camouflage pattern similar to that used by the US military. This is a rugged aluminum selfie stick that is also light weight; it weighs only about a pound. This is a good example of a waterproof selfie stick.

Bonus: Rugged Aluminum Metal GoPro Housing

For those times when you need extremely rugged housing for your GoPro action camera, you might consider getting a metal casing like this aluminum GoPro frame. It’s not available in camouflage (although it does come in other colors like black) but it’s extremely sturdy and it’s one of the strongest GoPro mounts available today.

It’s not light: it’s one of the heavier GoPro cases on the market, weighing in at 4.4 ounces and it’s built like a tank with a clear lens cap to protect your camera from shatter impacts that might otherwise break its lens rendering it useless. This kit comes with the rugged metal GoPro case, a safety lanyard, a lens cap, a filter, carrying case and set of screws for mounting it.

Frequently asked questions about camo GoPro cases

Will my GoPro Hero 5/6 fit into a GoPro Hero 3/4 case or vice versa?

No, because GoPro changed their camera form factor and size slightly between the Hero 4 and Hero 5 models, you unfortunately won’t be able to use a GoPro Hero 5+ in a shell designed for a GoPro Hero 3 or 4.

Is a camouflage GoPro case necessary for hunting?

GoPro cameras are fairly small and not very brightly colored to begin with. However if you have a GoPro Hero 4, that’s silver colored so it might reflect light easier, especially if you have a clear plastic housing around it. However you might want camouflage GoPro case for aesthetic reasons or to be extra cautious. You may also want to consider a blackout GoPro housing which makes your GoPro jet black in color.

Is GoPro Hero 6 worth it? (GoPro Hero 6 Black sample footage)

With the GoPro Hero 6 Black released into the world, action camera fans are understandably interested in learning how it looks in various shooting conditions — especially compared to its predecessors. We’ve done a roundup of GoPro Hero 6 sample footage. But before we get to the videos, let’s take a look at the tech specs of GoPro’s recent cameras (scroll down if you just want to skip to the videos).

GoPro Hero 6 vs GoPro Hero 5 vs GoPro Session

The GoPro Hero 6 Black is an impressive upgrade over its predecessor in some areas, but less so in others. Let’s look at the chart:

Specification GoPro Hero 6 Black GoPro Hero 5 Black GoPro Session 5
Video specs: 4K60
Photo specs: 12MP / 30 fps 12MP / 30 fps 10MP / 30 fps
Stabilization: Advanced Normal Normal

So in summary, the places where the GoPro Hero 6 Black really outshines earlier models: slow motion recording in high resolution and way better video stabilization. The spots where the GoPro Hero 6 doesn’t offer much more over earlier models: basic features like waterproofing, voice control, WiFi, weight/size, battery life. All of these GoPro cameras also have time lapse photo ability.

The GoPro Hero 6 is compatible with all the mounts that were compatible with the GoPro Hero 5 (the physical form factor has not changed across these two generations of action camera, although it did change in between the GoPro 4 and GoPro 5 models).

GoPro Hero 6 vs GoPro 5 Video stabilization sample test footage

Check out this video above for a great overview of stabalization abilities of the GoPro Hero 5 vs 6. As you’ll be able to see from the video, the steady abilities of the Hero 6 are far improved! It also works in 4K mode (though not at the full 60 frames per second). The new GoPro Hero 6 has received a substantial upgrade in this department, to the point where some GoPro Hero 6 Black footage almost looks like it’s been shot on a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer or steadicam. (Related article: What is the best GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer?)

GoPro Hero 5 vs 6 color reproduction & accuracy compared

Another of the highly touted features of the GoPro Hero 6 Black is its supposedly better color reproduction and increased dynamic range. What does this mean? Out of the box your action camera videos and photos should look prettier and more accurate even without color correction or filters. And it does seem to be the case as you can see from this test video above with a side by side GoPro 5 vs 6 footage test. You’ll especially notice some improvements to the underwater color reproduction on the GoPro Hero 6.

GoPro Hero 6 vs 5 dynamic range compared

One of the most substantial improvements to color reproduction is the dynamic range improvements. Dynamic range refers to how well a camera is able to capture both very dark and very bright colors at the same time. This has always been a challenge for small action cameras but as you watch the video above pay careful attention to how much more of the sky you can see in this video. The dynamic range improvements over the GoPro Hero 4 are even more stark in comparison.

GoPro Hero 6 vs 5: is the upgrade worth it?

Here’s the bottom line. If you currently have a GoPro Hero 4 or lower, we have zero hesitation recommending an upgrade to the latest GoPro Hero 6 Black.

If you already have a GoPro Hero 5 and you’re on the fence, you’ll need to consider which features are important to you. If video stabalization and rich color accuracy are important, or if you do a lot of shooting in low light conditions, the upgrade might be well worth it. Similarly if you want to capture buttery smooth slow motion in 4K at 60 frames per second or even higher frame rate slow motion in lower resolutins like 2.7K or 1080P, then an upgrade is a great choice too. But if you’re more of a casual action camera user you may want to wait until the next model comes out to upgrade.

If you are upgrading from the GoPro Hero 5 Black to the GoPro Hero 6 Black, the good news is that all your accessories will be compatible. Most GoPro Hero 4 and 3 mounts are also compatible with the Hero 6 although anything that encloses the camera (like third party diving housing) won’t work since the size and shape of the camera changed in between the Hero 4 and 5 models (the camera got smaller and thinner).

Frequently asked questions about the GoPro Hero 6

Does GoPro Hero 6 shoot in higher resolution video above 4K?

No. Although the Hero 6 does shoot 4K at 60 frames per second (a substantial upgrade over previous mdoels that could only record at 30 frames per second maximum), it does not shoot in higher resolution like 5K, 6K or 8K. You’ll probably have to wait a few years for that capability and almost no computer monitors or televisions can display that content anyway.

Does the GoPro have a zoom?

No, no models of GoPro have zooms. However if you’re shooting in 4K on the GoPro Hero 6 you can zoom in on your computer afterwards by zooming and cropping into the footage to get a 1080p resolution image.

Does the GoPro camera have sound?

Yes, although the internal GoPro microphone doesn’t sound great because its mic is basically the equivilant of a 2007 era cell phone. Plus GoPros are often recording from within protective plastic housing which can dampen the sound even more. So if you’re concerned about sound we recommend you also purchase an external microphone that’s compatible with a GoPro too. Of course lots of people just set their GoPro videos to music, discarding the original on board sound anyway.

Does GoPro Hero 6 have wifi?

Yup! You can control your GoPro Hero 6 from your iPhone or Android device to preview shots on your phone’s screen and more.

Does GoPro have GPS built in?

Yup! Sure does. Your content can be location tagged if you like.

Where can I buy the GoPro Hero 6 Black?

We recommend Amazon since their return policy and customer service is great.

Gifts ideas for GoPro fans – Gifts for people who love action cameras

gifts for gopro lovers

Do you know someone that’s super into GoPro action cameras– filming with them at every opportunity? Maybe it’s a significant other or close friend. You probably have noticed that it can be fun and sometimes also a little addictive. In this article, we’re going to break down several great gift ideas for GoPro fans. This article is going to assume that the person getting the gift already has a GoPro camera but if they don’t, consider buying them one (see our GoPro comparison chart here). All right, let’s hop in and go over some gifts for GoPro users:

Gifts ideas for GoPro fans - Gifts for people who love action cameras

Our GoPro gift guide: gifts for people who love action cameras

TG90 10000mah Power Bank

GoPro battery life isn’t so great and people who love GoPros tend to be outdoors and on the move a lot. An external battery pack like this USB charger can be a very thoughtful gift for the GoPro lover in your life. They can use it to charge their GoPro batteries, charge a cell phone, or even use it to power their GoPro while filming for extra shooting time use like time-lapses.

This portable cell phone charger can provide power to multiple devices at once: it has built-in cords for iPhones and Android phones, plus a normal USB power port that you can plug a GoPro into using the charging cable that came with the camera. It even has a flashlight built into it which can occasionally come in handy.

GoPro Mount Accessory Kit

One of the great things about GoPro action cameras is that they can be mounted in all sorts fo places. But you can only mount them if you have the mounting accessories. Since these items are easy to lose or damage, a healthy supply of GoPro compatible mounts is extremely useful.

This GoPro mount kit is compatible with a variety of models including the GoPro Hero 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2, as well as GoPro Hero 5 Session, GoPro Max, and GoPro Fusion (so the chances are, no matter which model of GoPro the person you’re buying a gift for will probably be compatible with it).

GoPro Karma Grip

This handle is the stabilizer from the GoPro Karma drone and it can be used on its own as an accessory. It works with multiple motors and a gyroscope to make footage from a GoPro camera come out as smooth and steady as butter. One of the dividing lines between footage that looks professional and footage that looks amateurish is how steady the camera is and with footage shot using the Karma Grip, your footage will come out quite smooth.

Professional GoPro Hard Carrying Case

If you travel with camera equipment, or even if you don’t, having a nice sturdy hard case can be quite handy. Luckily there are options like this professional-grade hard case for GoPro cameras and accessories. It comes with a pre-cut foam insert designed specifically for GoPro camera users in mind. With these weatherproof, water-resistant, and crush-proof cases, GoPro camera gear is kept safe and sound even in challenging conditions. Plus they’ve got room for extra memory cards, chargers, additional mounts, etc. And if you’re getting this for a spouse who is obsessed with GoPros, perhaps this is an opportunity for them to finally clean up that GoPro mess they’ve left lying around. Tuck everything away in this neat and tidy case, you can suggest!

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Water-Resistant Memory Card Storge Case

GoPro users often have a variety of memory cards they need to store when they’re out shooting with their cameras. This rugged water-resistant memory card holder is a great solution. It’s designed to take a beating and protect the micro SD memory cards that GoPros use. (It will also accommodate normal-sized SD memory cards in case they also have a larger camera that shoots with those, like a DSLR or larger video camera.) This case comes in black and has a firm latch to easily but securely close. Plus it has a loop to attach a lanyard to if desired.

Lacie Rugged External Hard Drive

GoPro footage can take up a lot of computer storage space so it’s not uncommon for GoPro fanatics to run out of room on their computers if they shoot a lot of video. This external hard drive that connects to your computer using USB 2.0 or 3.0 is a great solution for GoPro users. (Try this version if your computer has USB C.)

It offers 4 terabytes of storage space (enough for thousands of hours of video!) and it’s designed to withstand plenty of physical abuse because it’s enclosed in a rubber bumper and metal case.

GoPro Selfie Stick & Tripod

Selfie sticks can be kind of silly but they can also be very useful tools for GoPro fans. This selfie stick comes with a mount specially designed for holding GoPro cameras, but it will also work with cell phones and other devices like lightweight cameras. Plus this model of selfie stick also has legs that can work as a small tripod in a pinch. It also features a long-range and can get up to 44 inches long when it’s fully extended. Also includes a hand lanyard so the selfie stick won’t get away even if it’s dropped in, you know, a waterfall or something. Find more selfie sticks for GoPro cameras in our related article.

Need more ideas? Check out the most popular GoPro accessories and external microphones for GoPro cameras.

What is the Best Firefighter Helmet Camera?

best firefighter helmet camera

Firefighter helmet cams have become more and more popular lately thanks to the advent of inexpensive small high quality rugged cameras. Fire departments across the world are deploying fire helmet cameras as a part of their efforts to improve safety training, advance investigations and educate the public. (Of course before you jump in and get a firefighter helmet camera yourself, be sure to check with your department to see what their official policy on body cams is.)

In this guide, we’ll run down the list of the best helmet mounted cameras for firefighters. Before we begin, here are a few key metrics to look out for when selecting a helmet camera for firefighting use:

  • Size & weight: Every pound of gear counts and when you’re dealing with head-mounted equipment, lightness and size are key. Luckily many new cameras are featherweight compared to the weight of your fire helmet itself.
  • Durability/ruggedness: Any type of camera is naturally going to be somewhat fragile but you’ll want to make sure you pick a model that’s designed to take a beating. Being heatproof/waterproof is also a must.
  • Ease of use: The last thing you want to be doing is fiddling with a helmet camera while you’re in the middle of an emergency situation. Helmet cameras need to be easy to operate in all conditions.
  • Quality of video: Getting good quality video in low light high contrast situations is notoriously difficult but many newer cameras have improved at this even in just the last few years.

The best fire helmet cameras & firefighter cameras

Fire Cam Onyx 4k Helmet Camera

The best of the Fire Cam line is their Onyx Helmet camera which offers up to 4K quality video. It’s marketed specifically towards firefighters and it’s heat tested up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 500 degrees Celsius). Like all the fire cameras listed in this article, the Fire Cam 4K has audio recording built in.

Like you would expect from any specialized fire camera, this unit is waterproof and it’s armored so it can really take a beating (or a fall). Comes with a memory card and a mounting attachment for a firefighter’s helmet (other mounts are also possible such as handlebar or windshield style mounts). Here’s a test of the footage that comes from this great high-quality 4K camera for firefighters:

Firecam Onyx Key Specs:

Video quality: Up to 4K resolution, 30 frames per second (1080P at 120fps or 60fps slow motion)
Weight: 4oz
Waterproof? Yes, up to 30 feet
Special Features? Photo mode, time/date stamp, time-lapse mode, auto power off, helmet mount, 32 GB microSD card, USB charging cable

See our related article on the best motorcycle helmet cameras.

Fire Cam Mini Helmet Camera

The Fire Cam Mini is another camera marketed squarely at fire helmet use. This kit includes both the firefighter helmet cam itself as well as a BlackJack helmet mount. It records on standard micro SDHC memory cards (not included but here‘s the one we suggest). This firefighter camera is also specially heat tested for temperatures up to 900 degrees for short periods of time.

Here’s a video demonstrating the Fire Cam Mini quality in real life use:

FireCam Mini Key Specs:

Video quality: Up to 1080p at 30 frames per second
Weight: 3.4oz
Battery Life: 1 Hour per battery (comes with 2 rechargeable batteries)
Waterproof? Yes, up to 33 ft
Special Features? One of the lightest helmet cameras on the market

Fire Cam 1080p Helmet Camera

The bigger brother of the Fire Cam Mini, this model provides sharper video quality. Like its little brother model, it comes with a BlackJack helmet side mount. This larger and slightly more expensive firefighter helmet camera, however, offers better battery life (up to 2 hours). It records on standard micro SDHC memory cards and a 16 gigabyte card is included. Additional mounting options are available but sold separately. Comes with a Fire Cam warranty and an AC charger to recharge the 2 included batteries.

Here’s a video of the Fire Cam in use:

Fire Cam Mini Key Specs:

Video quality: Up to 1080p at 30 fps
Weight: 4 oz
Battery Life: Over 1 hour
Waterproof? Yes, up to 33 feet
Special Features? Has an option to record date & timestamp on video

GoPro HERO5 Session

If you’re looking for the absolute best quality helmet mounted camera, that award almost certainly goes to GoPro. Although they don’t specifically make cameras for firefighters, their quality is unmatched and they are often rugged enough for general use. The cube-shaped GoPro Session is an extremely light and small camera which you can pair with a detachable helmet mount. The GoPro Hero Session also features one button control which allows you to start recording extremely quickly.

Here’s a sample video from a firefighter using a GoPro camera in 2013. Keep in mind that GoPro’s visual quality has improved substantially in the past few years since this video was shot, but even back then it looked pretty good!

Although the company behind GoPro cameras does not offer official extreme temperature ratings (high or low), they warn that their cameras “will automatically shut off if operational temperatures exceed 125 F.” Having said that, there are still plenty of folks using GoPro cameras at extremely hot temperatures without issues (example).

GoPro Key Specs:

Video quality: Up to 4K, 30 frames per second or 1080p, 90 frames per second
Weight: 4.48 oz
Battery Life: Over 2 hours of continuous recording
Waterproof? Yes, up to 33 feet without a case
Special Features? Advanced video stabilization, works with phone app to watch videos anywhere, super wide field of view modes

Frequently asked questions about firefighter helmet cameras

best firefighter helmet camera

Do these fire helmet cams take photos or just video?

All of these cameras for firefighters are capable of recording both video and still photos in different modes. Although the still resolution varies slightly, they’re all around 12 megapixels. Because of its larger sensor and lens size, the GoPro gets the best photo quality but the others are all fairly similar and comparable to each other.

Do these cameras for firefighters record audio too or just video with no sound?

All of these cameras record video with sound, which is useful to pick up what’s being said and also radio traffic if it’s loud enough. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that in loud environments the tiny microphones on these cameras may not be able to pick up exactly what’s being said 100% of the time. In the case of the Fire Cams, your camera’s microphone may be muted if you choose to use it with the included waterproof caps.

Do these firefighter cameras record in color or just black & white?

All of the cameras listed in this guide record in color, not black and white.

What is the point of high frame rate recording?

Several of the cameras on this list have the ability to record in high frame rates. High frame rate recording is generally defined as anything over 30 frames per second. For instance, many of these cameras record at 60 frames per second when they’re in 720p mode and the GoPro can record at a jaw-dropping 90 frames per second in 1080p mode. These high frame rate modes allow you to slow down the footage later on a computer and watch them to analyze exactly what is happening in silky smooth slow motion. This may be useful to fire departments in cases where actions were taken very quickly– too quickly to catch at a normal speed.

How do these cameras mount to a firefighter’s helmet?

Several of these cameras include the well-known BlackJack mount solution that is compatible with many firefighter helmets. Many of these cameras also have additional mounting options. The GoPro Session action camera also has quite a variety of additional mounting options and configurations.

Do these cameras come with memory cards?

Check each individual camera’s product page to see what’s included with it; some of these fire cameras include memory cards, others do not. All of the cameras for firefighters on this list record on standard micro SDHC memory cards. If you don’t already have some of these and your camera doesn’t come with one, here’s the model we recommend.

What is the Best Camera for Makeup Artists?

best camera for makeup artists

Having a great video camera can make the difference between getting thousands of subscribers as a YouTube makeup artist and getting only a few. Or, for freelance makeup artists and beauty gurus, great portfolio photos can make the difference between getting hired and getting ignored. In this article, we’ll run down the list of the best cameras for makeup artists, whether you’re looking for a video camera for making makeup tutorials and influencer videos on YouTube, or a still camera for taking makeup portraits of your clients.

The best camera for makeup photos, videos & YouTube makeup tutorials

Canon T6 EOS Rebel DSLR Camera w/ EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens & Sony 32GB SD Card Bundle

Canon makes some of the best cameras for content creators’ makeup videos and photos and the Rebel T6 is an excellent choice for either photography or video. This DSLR camera has a very large sensor and lens which means it can make the background of your videos or photos blurry. This effect, called “bokeh” allows the viewer to “focus” on the person’s face. Using a long lens such as the 18-55mm zoom (when zoomed all the way in) can also make a person look prettier or more appealing. Here is an example of the “bokeh” effect in action:

Photo credit: 1, 2

Both photos feature the same woman, but the photo on the right was shot with a blurry background (aka the “bokeh” effect). You can achieve a blurry background with a DSLR camera such as this one, plus good bright lighting and a telephoto lens. Also works with interchangeable lenses, allowing you to upgrade to a better lens in the future. Note that this camera does not have a microphone jack so if good (external microphone) sound is important to you, check out the next camera instead.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i Video Creator Kit with 18-55mm Lens, Rode VIDEOMIC GO and Sandisk 32GB SD Memory Card

The newer Canon Rebel T6i is an upgrade over the T6. Although it’s slightly more expensive you get the following bonuses that may be useful if you’re shooting makeup tutorial videos or photos for a makeup portfolio:

  • The T6i has an articulating screen, meaning you can flip the LCD on the back around for “selfie mode” for videos or photos
  • The T6i works better in low light, meaning you won’t need as much lighting gear for the same look
  • The T6i has a microphone jack, allowing you to connect a high quality external microphone
  • The T6i has a higher megapixel count (24 vs 18) which lets you take higher resolution photos
  • The T6i has a touch screen LCD monitor, which the T6 does not have

All in all, the Canon T6i is one of the best cameras for YouTube makeup or still photography of makeup. Also works with interchangeable lenses, allowing you to upgrade to a better lens in the future.

Sony a7 Full-Frame Interchangeable Digital Lens Camera w/ 24-70mm lens

The Sony a7 is a great DSLR for video or still photos. Although it’s more expensive than the Canon options listed above, it has the advantage of having an even larger sensor (full frame) which means your bokeh (blurry background) will look even better. With a generous zoom lens, you can also achieve a very flattering look. Generally speaking the wider angle the lens (the less zoomed in it is), the fatter a person’s face will look. The longer a lens (the further it’s zoomed in, up to 70mm on this lens), the more thin and elegant a person’s face looks, making this one of the best lenses for makeup videos or photos. This DSLR also works with external microphones (though none is included) for better sound than the on-board mic.

Other useful accessories for making makeup tutorial videos on YouTube

Having a great camera for youtube videos is only part of what you need. If you’re planning to make YouTube makeup tutorials, here are some essential pieces of gear.

A great external microphone

Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone Super-Cardiod

An external microphone is extremely helpful for many YouTube influencers/beauty vloggers because it captures much better sound than the on board microphone of a DSLR. This microphone sits atop a shock mount which attaches directly to the top of the hot/cold shoe on your camera. The cable plugs into your camera’s 3.5mm microphone jack on the side. Often times one of the biggest differences between a professional-looking video and an amateurish video is the sound. To learn more about sound, see our related articles: The Best Lavalier Microphones For DSLR Cameras and Best DSLR Microphones & Shotgun Mics for DSLRs.

Excellent lighting

Neewer CN-576 576PCS LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Digital Camera / Camcorder Video Light Kit

Great lighting is essential for making makeup videos for YouTube or portrait photography by makeup artists. This photo/video lighting kit includes two dimmable LED lights, two stands, two power adapters, and a set of filters and carrying case.

For YouTube beauty videos it’s useful to have two identical lights because you can place one on either side of you to achieve even lighting, which is critical for capturing accurate makeup looks. Here’s a lighting diagram to explain how this will work in practice:

Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit

This LED ring light for beauty vloggers is a popular lighting solution that provides even and clean lighting for faces. You can set it up on the lighting stand that comes included and set the lighting strength to whatever is necessary in the room you’re in. Then you can add either white or orange gels (included) and mount your camera– either a phone or a DSLR or other camera using the included mounts. The camera shoots “through” the center of the LED ring light.


Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head

Having a real tripod is infinitely better than trying to balance a camera on a stack of books or a box on top of a table to get the right angle. This tripod reaches up to 62 inches (just over 5 feet) tall, and is quite sturdy, holding cameras up to 13 pounds. It also features a ball joint allowing easy adjustment to any angle, plus a bubble level in the base to make sure it’s level. With a quick-release plate design, it’s also a snap to get the camera on and off the tripod.

Flexible desk tripod

JOBY GorillaPod Desktop Tripod

Having a small desktop tripod can be extremely useful for makeup vlogging. It allows you to position a camera at virtually any angle on a desk, vanity, bureau, or another flat surface. This GorillaPod holds a camera weighing up to 6.6 pounds so it’s sturdy enough to support a DSLR easily. It’s about a foot tall and can flex to all sorts of positions, plus it features a handy quick release plate to affix or remove your camera without having to constantly go through the awkwardness of screwing and unscrewing it from the base of your camera.

A better lens

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Medium Telephoto Lens

The longer the lens (the more telephoto) and the wider the aperture (the more light it can allow in), the prettier a subject will look. This is because their face will look more slender and the background will become silky soft. Having a nice long 80mm lens (suitable for portraiture photography) and a minimum aperture of 1.8 allows for some truly spectacular imagery, whether you’re doing still photography of makeup or makeup videos for YouTube. This lens is compatible with the Canon T6 and T6i listed above.

What is the best camera for makeup artists?

Frequently asked questions about cameras for makeup artists

Is the best camera for makeup artists really a still camera type DSLR? Not a traditional video camera? Yes, we would argue that the best camera for makeup artists truly is a DSLR, not a traditional pro video camera. Our reasons are: A) the large sensor sizes of DSLRs which allow for soft-focus backgrounds which isolate the face and make you look prettier, B) the versatility of a camera that can take amazing HD video as well as still images, C) provides all that at a lower cost than a traditional professional video camera.

How do I get a blurry background for makeup videos? In order to get a shallow depth of field effect, you want to “open up” your camera’s aperture as wide as it will go (f/1.8 for the recommended lens above). Some cameras will also have a special mode for soft background focus. Check your camera manual for more specifics.

What is the best editing software for makeup vloggers? Some of the popular editing software includes: iMovie (Mac only), Final Cut Pro X (Mac only), Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Mac or Windows), and Pinacle Studio (PC only).

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What is the Best GoPro Case?

GoPro cases come in two varieties: there are the actual protective waterproof camera housings (sometimes called Go Pro cases), and then there are carrying cases to hold your GoPros and associated gear in while you’re traveling. This article is about that second kind of GoPro case.

What is the best GoPro (carrying) case?

CamKix Roll-Out Bag with Waist / Shoulder Strap for GoPro Hero + Other Action / Compact Cameras

The CamKix GoPro carry case is a great option for packing all your action camera gear into one neat little package to travel with. It features an adjustable main compartment with foam dividers that can fit several Gopro cameras, as well as zippered pouches for accessories like extra camera batteries, memory cards, charging cables, lens wipes, etc. It even has space to tuck in a small sized GoPro selfie stick (in “collapsed” mode of course). One other nice feature of this GoPro travel case is it comes with both a carrying handle and a shoulder/waist strap so even if you’re carrying your gear around with you, you don’t need to constantly be using your hands to hold it.

Pelican 1200 Case With Foam (Black)

Pelican is well known in the video and film industry for making rugged hard cases from ABS molded plastic that is watertight and damn near hurricane proof. The Pelican 1200 case is no exception: it’s made to Pelican’s usual exacting standards and it’s a great sized hard case for a GoPro camera kit. The foam on the inside is easy to cut in whatever shapes you need so you can fit a GoPro (or two) in it, extra batteries, a charger and cable, a memory card wallet and all sorts of other bits of kit. Note that Pelican also makes a slightly larger specialized pre-cut GoPro storage case if you don’t want to cut the foam yourself. Browse even more small sized Pelican cases here.

Smatree GA700-2 GoPro Hard Case

Here’s another one of the best GoPro cases. Like the Pelican case, it’s made of hardened ABS plastic and it’s built to resist water and all sorts of other damage. It includes a generous bottom compartment for all sorts of accessories as well as a top tray with pre-cut foam inserts which you can remove one by one depending on which action camera accessories you want to store in it. The bottom compartment also contains an elastic belt to hold cables and cords in neatly in place, as well as two mesh zippered pouches for even more action camera accessories.

Supremery Water Resistant Case for GoPro Hero

This is one of the best gopro cases because it provides ample room for plenty of GoPro accessories, along with your action camera itself. Built with a removable tray-and compartment design, this GoPro carry case has pre-cut removable foam inserts for your action camera, as well as a room for custom-fit compartments. Below the tray it also has room for short Gopro selfie sticks, floating handles and more. The top lid has a zipper sealed mesh compartment for cables. This Go Pro case also features a carrying handle and is weather proof.

Smatree Carrying Case for GoPro Cameras

This carrying case for GoPros is unique because it has pre-cut foam compartments for multiple GoPro cams. If you need a carrying case for more than one GoPro, this might be a great option. It has pre-cut removable foam inserts for up to four GoPros, plus room for extra batteries, memory cards, cables and chargers and more. The top zippered compartment can hold a USB charging cable or other accessories. Although this GoPro storage case does not have a handle, it does come with a loop and a carabiner which can be hooked to other gear like a backpack or safety cable. This is a gopro hard case for travel with a shell that is moderately crush proof.

Frequently asked questions about GoPro carrying cases

Do these GoPro cases float if they’re dropped in water? None of these GoPro travel cases are explicitly advertised as floating, though some of them may float and several are marketed as water resistant. You could always test one in a bathtub if that feature is important to you (note: we suspect only the hard cased Go Pro cases have a chance at floating).

Is a soft case or a hard case better? It depends on what you want. The best GoPro carrying case for one person may be a terrible choice for another. If you’re planning on traveling abroad and you want to pack light you may want a small GoPro case, whereas if you are using your GoPro for professional purposes there’s a chance you might want a beefier hard case (like a Pelican case) that can be thrown around and still protect your gear.

What is the best GoPro storage case for traveling light? For portability and weight, we recommend considering an action camera case like the Satree Carrying Case for GoPro which is both thin and light, but still substantial enough to protect your camera gear.

The Best GoPro Carrying Cases