Is GoPro Hero 6 worth it? (GoPro Hero 6 Black sample footage)

With the GoPro Hero 6 Black released into the world, action camera fans are understandably interested in learning how it looks in various shooting conditions — especially compared to its predecessors. We’ve done a roundup of GoPro Hero 6 sample footage. But before we get to the videos, let’s take a look at the tech specs of GoPro’s recent cameras (scroll down if you just want to skip to the videos).

GoPro Hero 6 vs GoPro Hero 5 vs GoPro Session

The GoPro Hero 6 Black is an impressive upgrade over its predecessor in some areas, but less so in others. Let’s look at the chart:

Specification GoPro Hero 6 Black GoPro Hero 5 Black GoPro Session 5
Video specs: 4K60
Photo specs: 12MP / 30 fps 12MP / 30 fps 10MP / 30 fps
Stabilization: Advanced Normal Normal

So in summary, the places where the GoPro Hero 6 Black really outshines earlier models: slow motion recording in high resolution and way better video stabilization. The spots where the GoPro Hero 6 doesn’t offer much more over earlier models: basic features like waterproofing, voice control, WiFi, weight/size, battery life. All of these GoPro cameras also have time lapse photo ability.

The GoPro Hero 6 is compatible with all the mounts that were compatible with the GoPro Hero 5 (the physical form factor has not changed across these two generations of action camera, although it did change in between the GoPro 4 and GoPro 5 models).

GoPro Hero 6 vs GoPro 5 Video stabilization sample test footage

Check out this video above for a great overview of stabalization abilities of the GoPro Hero 5 vs 6. As you’ll be able to see from the video, the steady abilities of the Hero 6 are far improved! It also works in 4K mode (though not at the full 60 frames per second). The new GoPro Hero 6 has received a substantial upgrade in this department, to the point where some GoPro Hero 6 Black footage almost looks like it’s been shot on a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer or steadicam. (Related article: What is the best GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer?)

GoPro Hero 5 vs 6 color reproduction & accuracy compared

Another of the highly touted features of the GoPro Hero 6 Black is its supposedly better color reproduction and increased dynamic range. What does this mean? Out of the box your action camera videos and photos should look prettier and more accurate even without color correction or filters. And it does seem to be the case as you can see from this test video above with a side by side GoPro 5 vs 6 footage test. You’ll especially notice some improvements to the underwater color reproduction on the GoPro Hero 6.

GoPro Hero 6 vs 5 dynamic range compared

One of the most substantial improvements to color reproduction is the dynamic range improvements. Dynamic range refers to how well a camera is able to capture both very dark and very bright colors at the same time. This has always been a challenge for small action cameras but as you watch the video above pay careful attention to how much more of the sky you can see in this video. The dynamic range improvements over the GoPro Hero 4 are even more stark in comparison.

GoPro Hero 6 vs 5: is the upgrade worth it?

Here’s the bottom line. If you currently have a GoPro Hero 4 or lower, we have zero hesitation recommending an upgrade to the latest GoPro Hero 6 Black.

If you already have a GoPro Hero 5 and you’re on the fence, you’ll need to consider which features are important to you. If video stabalization and rich color accuracy are important, or if you do a lot of shooting in low light conditions, the upgrade might be well worth it. Similarly if you want to capture buttery smooth slow motion in 4K at 60 frames per second or even higher frame rate slow motion in lower resolutins like 2.7K or 1080P, then an upgrade is a great choice too. But if you’re more of a casual action camera user you may want to wait until the next model comes out to upgrade.

If you are upgrading from the GoPro Hero 5 Black to the GoPro Hero 6 Black, the good news is that all your accessories will be compatible. Most GoPro Hero 4 and 3 mounts are also compatible with the Hero 6 although anything that encloses the camera (like third party diving housing) won’t work since the size and shape of the camera changed in between the Hero 4 and 5 models (the camera got smaller and thinner).

Frequently asked questions about the GoPro Hero 6

Does GoPro Hero 6 shoot in higher resolution video above 4K?

No. Although the Hero 6 does shoot 4K at 60 frames per second (a substantial upgrade over previous mdoels that could only record at 30 frames per second maximum), it does not shoot in higher resolution like 5K, 6K or 8K. You’ll probably have to wait a few years for that capability and almost no computer monitors or televisions can display that content anyway.

Does the GoPro have a zoom?

No, no models of GoPro have zooms. However if you’re shooting in 4K on the GoPro Hero 6 you can zoom in on your computer afterwards by zooming and cropping into the footage to get a 1080p resolution image.

Does the GoPro camera have sound?

Yes, although the internal GoPro microphone doesn’t sound great because its mic is basically the equivilant of a 2007 era cell phone. Plus GoPros are often recording from within protective plastic housing which can dampen the sound even more. So if you’re concerned about sound we recommend you also purchase an external microphone that’s compatible with a GoPro too. Of course lots of people just set their GoPro videos to music, discarding the original on board sound anyway.

Does GoPro Hero 6 have wifi?

Yup! You can control your GoPro Hero 6 from your iPhone or Android device to preview shots on your phone’s screen and more.

Does GoPro have GPS built in?

Yup! Sure does. Your content can be location tagged if you like.

Where can I buy the GoPro Hero 6 Black?

We recommend Amazon since their return policy and customer service is great.