What is the Best GoPro Case?

GoPro cases come in two varieties: there are the actual protective waterproof camera housings (sometimes called Go Pro cases), and then there are carrying cases to hold your GoPros and associated gear in while you’re traveling. This article is about that second kind of GoPro case.

What is the best GoPro (carrying) case?

CamKix Roll-Out Bag with Waist / Shoulder Strap for GoPro Hero + Other Action / Compact Cameras

The CamKix GoPro carry case is a great option for packing all your action camera gear into one neat little package to travel with. It features an adjustable main compartment with foam dividers that can fit several Gopro cameras, as well as zippered pouches for accessories like extra camera batteries, memory cards, charging cables, lens wipes, etc. It even has space to tuck in a small sized GoPro selfie stick (in “collapsed” mode of course). One other nice feature of this GoPro travel case is it comes with both a carrying handle and a shoulder/waist strap so even if you’re carrying your gear around with you, you don’t need to constantly be using your hands to hold it.

Pelican 1200 Case With Foam (Black)

Pelican is well known in the video and film industry for making rugged hard cases from ABS molded plastic that is watertight and damn near hurricane proof. The Pelican 1200 case is no exception: it’s made to Pelican’s usual exacting standards and it’s a great sized hard case for a GoPro camera kit. The foam on the inside is easy to cut in whatever shapes you need so you can fit a GoPro (or two) in it, extra batteries, a charger and cable, a memory card wallet and all sorts of other bits of kit. Note that Pelican also makes a slightly larger specialized pre-cut GoPro storage case if you don’t want to cut the foam yourself. Browse even more small sized Pelican cases here.

Smatree GA700-2 GoPro Hard Case

Here’s another one of the best GoPro cases. Like the Pelican case, it’s made of hardened ABS plastic and it’s built to resist water and all sorts of other damage. It includes a generous bottom compartment for all sorts of accessories as well as a top tray with pre-cut foam inserts which you can remove one by one depending on which action camera accessories you want to store in it. The bottom compartment also contains an elastic belt to hold cables and cords in neatly in place, as well as two mesh zippered pouches for even more action camera accessories.

Supremery Water Resistant Case for GoPro Hero

This is one of the best gopro cases because it provides ample room for plenty of GoPro accessories, along with your action camera itself. Built with a removable tray-and compartment design, this GoPro carry case has pre-cut removable foam inserts for your action camera, as well as a room for custom-fit compartments. Below the tray it also has room for short Gopro selfie sticks, floating handles and more. The top lid has a zipper sealed mesh compartment for cables. This Go Pro case also features a carrying handle and is weather proof.

Smatree Carrying Case for GoPro Cameras

This carrying case for GoPros is unique because it has pre-cut foam compartments for multiple GoPro cams. If you need a carrying case for more than one GoPro, this might be a great option. It has pre-cut removable foam inserts for up to four GoPros, plus room for extra batteries, memory cards, cables and chargers and more. The top zippered compartment can hold a USB charging cable or other accessories. Although this GoPro storage case does not have a handle, it does come with a loop and a carabiner which can be hooked to other gear like a backpack or safety cable. This is a gopro hard case for travel with a shell that is moderately crush proof.

Frequently asked questions about GoPro carrying cases

Do these GoPro cases float if they’re dropped in water? None of these GoPro travel cases are explicitly advertised as floating, though some of them may float and several are marketed as water resistant. You could always test one in a bathtub if that feature is important to you (note: we suspect only the hard cased Go Pro cases have a chance at floating).

Is a soft case or a hard case better? It depends on what you want. The best GoPro carrying case for one person may be a terrible choice for another. If you’re planning on traveling abroad and you want to pack light you may want a small GoPro case, whereas if you are using your GoPro for professional purposes there’s a chance you might want a beefier hard case (like a Pelican case) that can be thrown around and still protect your gear.

What is the best GoPro storage case for traveling light? For portability and weight, we recommend considering an action camera case like the Satree Carrying Case for GoPro which is both thin and light, but still substantial enough to protect your camera gear.

The Best GoPro Carrying Cases