The Best GoPro Carrying Cases

Carrying case for GoPro

So, you’ve got a GoPro. And, like a lot of GoPro owners, you’ve got a bunch of accessories. Different mounts, extra batteries, memory cards, charging, and data cables: the works. You need a GoPro Hero or GoPro Session carrying case. We get it. We’ve been there too.

Here are several candidates for best GoPro carrying case:

CamKix Carrying Case for GoPro Hero

Best GoPro Carrying Case

Here’s a great GoPro carrying case. It’s a soft pouch with a semi-hard cover, handle and zipper. It has plenty of room for a GoPro Hero, additional housing or backdoors, power charger, extra batteries, a GoPro remote, and more. In addition to blue (linked below), this GoPro carrying case also comes in a black version. There’s also a waterproof camouflage print version.

Smatree Watertight Floating GoPro Hard Case

Best GoPro Carrying Case

If you need a floating GoPro carrying case, this model might be the right one for you. It’s a crushproof hard case that measures 11 inches long by about 10 inches wide and 6 inches deep with a tray compartment to securely hold up to two GoPros and plenty of batteries, chargers, memory card cases, etc. Its precut foam compartments are large enough to accommodate both the GoPro Hero 4, as well as the Hero 3 and Hero 2 models. This GoPro case, made from hard plastic, also has a loop to use a padlock on, to keep your gear secure from theft.

AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro

Best GoPro Carrying Case

The AmazonBasics GoPro carrying case comes in both a large version and a small version that are both sleek semi-soft cases with carrying handles. The large version has space for two GoPros and the small version has room for a single GoPro and plenty of other accessories. The precut foam cutouts also come with foam slugs in them so you won’t have empty holes if you don’t have anything to stick in their individual compartments just yet. The large version is about the same size as a small laptop carrying case.

IBEX Watertight GoPro Carrying Case

Best GoPro Carrying Case

IBEX offers a watertight GoPro carrying case in both black and a yellow. If you want a hard case that doesn’t have precut foam so you can cut your own custom compartments, this is the right case for you. It comes with pre-scored virgin foam that is easy to cut yourself and shape to whatever size you need the internal compartments to be. It’s also rugged and has room for several GoPros, tons of batteries and memory cards, chargers, and mounting gear. Measures 13 inches long by 11 inches wide and 4.7 inches deep.

GoPole Venturecase – Weather Resistant Soft Case for GoPro HERO Cameras

Best GoPro Carrying Case

If you need a carrying case for GoPro cameras with compartments that aren’t foam cutouts (i.e. you prefer a looser case and aren’t concerned about jostling your gear) this soft case is a great option. It has two generous compartments for cameras or mounting gear and a longer compartment for floating handles, collapsable selfie sticks, mounts, etc. It also has a zippered mesh pouch for memory cards, batteries, remote controls, and more. Measures 8.5 inches long by 8 inches wide and 3 inches deep.

Overall, carrying cases for GoPros, whether they’re soft cases or hard cases can be extremely useful. Some are large hard cases, others are smaller and more like a pouch, but the key thing is to keep your GoPro camera and related gear well organized and protected from the elements.

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